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The chef makes his own cuisine  a great and absolute triumph thanks to quality products, with the refinement of cooking techniques and creativity, reworking and sometimes proposing some combination considered hazardous.


Andrea Larossa was born in 1980 in Verbania, Lake Maggiore, and he grew up with a culinary culture linked to his mother’s and father’s origins who come respectively from Lazio and Basilicata, made of genuine ingredients, strong flavours and the awareness of the importance of good food and the joy of sitting at the table. The passion is unleashed when, finding himself in the kitchen, he understands that the pleasure of eating is real only if you know the pleasure of  prepare food for others and this aspect takes over and pushes him to enter his first real kitchen to work. He made his first experiences in various restaurants and trattorias between the provinces of Verbania and Novara, until he had the opportunity to enter Carlo Cracco’s great crew. From that moment Andrea developed the desire to express his idea of ​​cooking, with his own dishes, in his kitchen in a beautiful city. And so, after the Milanese experience, he was sent to that of Alba where he arrived at the “Locanda del Pilone”, where he defined the knowledge and techniques of the Langhe tradition, combined with the Japanese culture of chef Kondo. The very recent assignment of the Michelin star truly represents the top of his commitment and continuous professionalism, aimed at improving, raising the quality bar that is brought ever higher. It should be emphasized that Andrea in this “magnificent adventure” is supported by Patrizia Cappellaro, his partner, as well as a theatre director and sommelier.


Andrea proposes a cuisine that pushes towards innovation, but which remains very Italian; digging carefully in his personal culture without being too conditioned by the fashion of the moment. He tries, in short, to build his own cuisine made with a great and absolute quality  products, with the refinement of cooking techniques and with creativity, reworking and, at times, proposing some combination considered hazardous. One certainty: it never goes by trial and error, he wants to guarantee the customer always a good dish and not just a conceptual one. He is a meticulous chef, who immediately transmits great passion for his work, as well as knowledge and use of the great raw material and techniques. His style is clean and precise, the recipes are direct, with no frills, few ingredients, quick and perfect cooking. Not to be missed: the plin ravioli served on “a pillow” that deflates during the meal and that smells of “Ferrero” hazelnuts. Scents of a territory that Andrea Larossa makes its own and interprets with great personality.

Larossa Ristorante – Via Don Giacomo Alberione, 10/D -12051 Alba (Cn) Tel. +39.0173.060639 –

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Larossa Restaurant

Larossa Ristorante – Via Don Giacomo Alberione, 10/D -12051 Alba (Cn) Tel. +39.0173.060639 –