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A delicious and elegant cuisine that plays with textures and contrasts, respecting the raw material and with the idea of ​​telling the food and wine tradition of the region with a creative and contemporary vein.


Milanese by birth, but Piedmontese by family and education, Andrea Ribaldone grew up in the kitchens of Riccardo Aiachini, founder of the restaurant “La Fermata” in Alessandria, which he considered his master of life and work. There he obtained his first Michelin star in 2003. He worked with the famous French chef Alain Senderens in Paris at the restaurant “Lucas Carton” and was “executive chef” of “Eataly Tokyo” in 2012, a very important experience that made him grow. In 2012 he founded “Arco” srl, a restaurant management company and, in 2014, he opened the restaurant “I Due Buoi” in Alessandria, awarded with a Michelin star in December 2015. He led the whole Expo Milano 2015 period the restaurant “Identità Expo San Pellegrino”, in collaboration with “Magenta Bureau”. He collaborates as “food & beverage director” with “Jsh Hotels Collection” and coordinates, in collaboration with Domenico Schingaro, the six restaurants of “Borgo Egnazia” in Puglia, among the best places of hospitality in Italy. In March 2017 he leaves Alessandria for the Langhe, the epicentre of Italian restaurants, and opens “Osteria Arborina” in the Annunziata district of La Morra which this year has won the Michelin star.

The crew

At “Osteria Arborina” a great team of trusted collaborators helps the chef Andrea Ribaldone: the resident chef is Umberto Del Nobile, who worked with Enrico Crippa in “Piazza Duomo”, which creates dishes with a clear taste. He is extremely careful to the cooking of food and the identity of taste, which it preserves with great precision without ever putting the aesthetic gesture before itself at the forefront. Marco Mannori manages starters and first courses, he has been working for years with Andrea Ribaldone, while Daniel Zeilinga takes care of the second courses. Davide Canina works as an engineer and sommelier, collaborating with many family-run wineries that produce quality wines, trying to discover the small excellences of Italian oenology. “General manager” of the restaurant is Salvatore Iandolino, partner of chef Andrea Ribaldone in the “restaurant management company” “Arco”.


In the heart of the vineyards where the Barolo Docg “Arborina” “cru” is produced, the restaurant proposes a delicious and elegant cuisine, which plays with consistencies and contrasts, respecting the raw materials,  ​​telling the story food and wine tradition of the region with a creative and contemporary vein. Thirty seats, an open kitchen, modern furnishings, a welcoming and cosy atmosphere: the chef Andrea Ribaldone wants to enter the Langhe territory and continue his professional growth path. In this regard he emphasises: «I want to create a strong and synergistic bond with my surroundings: in my recipes there will be, as always, so much Piedmont, and there will be products from the Langhe, but the dishes will always be innovative and stimulating. I want to create an enjoyable and never predictable cuisine, with innovative».

Osteria Arborina – Frazione Annunziata, 27 – 12064 La Morra (Cn) tel. +39.0173.500340  –

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Osteria Arborina

Osteria Arborina – Frazione Annunziata, 27 – 12064 La Morra (Cn) tel. +39.0173.500340  –