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Bra’s, the Bra Sausage Festival: three starred chefs celebrate excellence

Three great starred chefs from Langa and Roero celebrate Bra Sausage paired with local specialties: from 6th to 8th December 2019 at the Movicentro in the city of the Zizzola, “Bra’s – the Bra Sausage festival” is staged, preceded by an exclusive starred  “six hands”  dinner scheduled for Thursday 5th.

The Michelin starred chefs: Massimo Camia (restaurant “Massimo Camia” – La Morra), Maurilio Garola (“La Ciau del Tornavento”- Neive) and Davide Palluda (“All’Enoteca” – Canale) will interpret the famous Salsiccia di Bra, produced with veal meat only, expertly produced by the butchers associated with the Consortium for the Protection and Enhancement of this historic gastronomic heritage.

For three days, the Michelin-starred chefs Camia, Garola and Palluda will cook live at the Movicentro, set up with a giant open kitchen, nine dishes designed for the event.

The absolute protagonist will be clearly the Bra Sausage, combined – with the creativity and refinement of the three out of class Italian cuisine – with local specialties: rice, vegetables from the local vegetable gardens, bread and PDO Bra cheese.

Author’s recipes for everyone, which can be enjoyed for 12 euros.

This is the menu of the three gourmet days of Bra’s:

  • Friday 6th December (6pm-11pm): golden stuffed anchovies with vegetables from the vegetable gardens of Bra prepared by Davide Palluda, Bra sausage burger and baked red potatoes by Massimo Camia, risotto with peppers from the vegetable gardens, olive oil bagna cauda and bocconcini of Bra sausage cooked by Maurilio Garola.
  • Saturday 7th December (11am-3pm and 6pm-11pm): rice and pork ravioli with black truffle (Davide Paluda), vegetable quiche from the vegetable gardens, quail egg, black truffle and Bra duro cheese fondue (Massimo Camia ) and baked onion with Bra sausage, Bra duro cheese fondue and amaretti (Maurilio Garola).
  • Sunday 8th December (11am-5pm): Potato cream, candied lemon, cuttlefish and Bra sausage (Davide Palluda), Savoy risotto with Bra sausage and tender Bra fondue (Massimo Camia), The roots of vegetable gardens, chestnuts and soft of Bra Tenero (Maurilio Garola).

In addition to the dishes cooked by the starred chefs, it will also be possible to taste the “Tagliere Bra’s” (Bra sausage, PDO Bra cheese and Bra focaccia) at 6 euros and taste the Bra focaccia at 3 euros, all paired with the wines of the Cantine Ascheri.

“We are proud and excited – commented Massimo, Maurilio and Davide – to have been invited for the organisation of this event that wants to celebrate and promote the Sausage of Bra and the products of the city. We provide our professionalism and we are sure that it will be a very successful event for the territory”.

For the whole event, cooking shows, side events and guided tours to discover the city, as well as a historical train leaving from Turin on Sunday 8 December.

To open the Bra’s Sausage Festival, on Thursday 5th December, will be a special six-star starry dinner scheduled at 8.30 pm on the premises of the municipal canteen (via Montegrappa 21, Bra), in an unusual and fascinating combination of stars and gastronomic art signed by Camia, Garola and Palluda.

The event is organised by the Municipality of Bra, dall’Ascom di Bra e dal Consorzio della Salsiccia di Bra in collaborazione con Consorzio Bra DOP, Consorzio Pane di Bra, Riso di Bra, OrtoBraGourmet, Cantine Ascheri, DiCaf, I.P.S. Velso Mucci e il sostegno di Camera di Commercio di Cuneo, Regione Piemonte, Ente Turismo Langhe Monferrato Roero, Cassa di Risparmio di Bra GruppoBPer.


Info and reservations for the starred dinner: 0172.430185.

“Bra’s – The Bra’s sausage festival” : free entry to the premises of the Movicentro of Bra (Caduti square in Nassiriya, next to the train station). Opening hours: Friday 6th December from 6pm to 11pm, Saturday 7th from 11am to 3 pm and from 6pm to 11pm, Sunday 8th from 11am to 5pm.

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