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The tradition of the crib revives in the Cuneo province: here are those not to be missed, from Bra to Valdieri

On the website all the information and itineraries to discover the most beautiful and evocative cribs.

The Christmas season is coming and the province of Cuneo is ready to celebrate it, as every year, with a beautiful itinerary among “Presepi in Granda”, a project created in Christmas 2005 to promote and spread the message, the passion and the tradition of the crib in the Cuneo  and its surrounding areas.

“Presepi in Granda” is a free initiative open to all, an itinerary of about 50 crib sets, visible in detail on the website

Free admission to all the cribs (this is a fundamental requirement for being part of the group). Cribs are divided into three categories to make easier the visit:

  • Cribs exhibition, among those you can find Savigliano, Borgo San Dalmazzo, Garessio..
  • Cribs in motion, among those you can find Bra, Verduno, Valdieri…
  • Traditional cribs, among those you can find Pianfei, Villafaletto..

The tradition of the crib in the last years has been partly supplanted by the Christmas tree, but it still continues to fascinate.

The representation of the Nativity has very ancient origins: Christians painted and sculpted the scene Christ’s birth in meeting places, such as the Roman Catacombs.

In 1200  the first statues were realised. The first crib dates back to Francis of Assisi, considered the founder of this tradition. Today, after the weakening of tradition, the nativity scene has returned to prosper thanks to the commitment of religious and private individuals, who strive to create those that are increasingly rich and original, but always in the name of tradition.

So thanks to this organisation you can admire the cribs throughout the province of Cuneo.

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