Damiano Nigro

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The chef knows how to perfectly blend the decisive flavours of the Piedmontese tradition with the elegant and homey flavours of his homeland, Puglia, and with those of Liguria, leading to the creation of original dishes full of taste


The passion for cooking pushes Damiano Nigro, at the age of just 15, to embark on a chef career, starting from the humblest roles of the kitchen brigade, to the side of the most famous international chefs: Gualtiero Marchesi (first at the “Terrazze” in Milan and then at the “Albereta” by Erbusco), Michel Roux (“The Waterside Inn”), Marco Pierre White (“The Oak Room” and “Criterion brasserie”), Alain Ducasse (“Restaurant La Grande Cascade”), Alain Soliveres ( “Les Élysées”), Paola Budel (“ L’ Acanto”) and Enrico Crippa, chef of the renowned restaurant “Piazza Duomo” in Alba, where he was sous-chef. In the autumn he was entrusted with the direction of the kitchen of the restaurant “Villa d’Amelia”, that, in just four years, received the first Michelin star. His cuisine is based on creativity and research into new techniques, including the use of high quality raw materials and seasonal ingredients from small local producers, with whom he personally takes care of the selection. To complete the figure of Damiano there is his brother Giovanni, expert pastry chef, who worked at “Chiocchetti”,  “Penati” in Viganò Brianza and, later, in the laboratories of the “élysées” and “Taillevent” in Paris. Back in Italy, he worked with Carlo Cracco in 2005 (at the time associated with “Peck”). Giovanni is now in  Benevello and, at the end of the meal, gives clients pleasure with every possible and imaginable delight  in “Villa d’Amelia”!


Nigro’s cuisine is creative, but, at the same time, traditional and classic. Nigro knows perfectly how to mix the strong flavours of the Piedmontese tradition with the elegant and homey flavours of his land of origin, leading to the creation of original and tasteful dishes. He also draws inspiration from the salty scents and flavours of nearby Liguria as well as from its homeland, Puglia. A cuisine, therefore, which naturally does not lack fish, in all its expressions, the result of a combination of seriousness and concreteness … No frills, as well as and everything is served with great care by an exemplary “équipe”.

What about the location?

A true wonder! The restaurant is part of an exclusive space thanks to the skilful restoration of the nineteenth-century “Cascina Bonelli” in the heart of the Langhe, a stone’s throw from Alba. The elegant and warm “design” of the interiors and the care of the flower gardens that surround the villa create the welcoming atmosphere of a private home, where each guest is given special attention. The “Relais Villa d’Amelia” also has a “wellness” area that offers a hot tub, Turkish bath, Finnish sauna and emotional shower. A relaxing, welcoming and cared-for space where you can recover from your daily activity and recover your strength to live more intensely the experience of a stay in Langa.

Relais Villa d’Amelia – Località Manera, 1 -12050 Benevello (Cn) tel. +39.0173.529225 – www.villadamelia.com

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Relais Villa D'Amelia

Relais Villa d’Amelia – Località Manera, 1 -12050 Benevello (Cn) tel. +39.0173.529225 – www.villadamelia.com