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He is called “a thoroughbred born to cook”, he prefers classic preparations, interpreted for an attentive audience to coded flavours, new trends and cooking techniques.


He was born in Milan in 1978, he trained at the Arona hotel school. He began his own career in Arona at the “Taverna del Pittore”, which. in those years could boast a Michelin star. Here he learned the “work in team” skills and the basic rules for organising team work. This experience marked a turning point in his life as a chef, inducing him to try new experiences to improve himself. Then go to Trecate at the “Caffè Groppi”. After a brief experience as a chef at the “Hotel La Bussola” in Novara, he returned to “Caffè Groppi” with Chef Fabio Barbaglini, where he found the historical staff and thanks to their understanding and desire to succeed, they managed to win the first Michelin star. After an educational and enlightening experience in Spain he returned to Italy, to his Liguria: first to Arma di Taggia at the restaurant “La Conchiglia” and then to “Balzi Rossi” in Ventimiglia. The arrival at Villa Crespi in Orta San Giulio marks his return to Piedmont, where his imagination can take shape, and thanks to the support of chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo, a generous landlord who calls him “a thoroughbred born to cook”. He remained there for 8 years as a sous-chef. From March 2012 until 2017 chef he was at the “Locanda di Orta” where, as a true gourmet “artisan”, he could freely express what he loves to call his “codes of taste” and dare new combinations. From February 2017 he was at the Carignano Restaurant in Turin, where he skilfully combined innovation and tradition and where he won the coveted Michelin Star for the year 2019. From January 2019 he is Responsible for the entire catering offer of the “Grand Hotel Sitea”. From March 2019 he is Executive Chef of the “Boscareto Resort & SPA”.


La Rei is the gourmet table of “Il Boscareto Resort & Spa”, the precious jewel that is further refined to offer an experience of excellence and discovery. It offers ten tables dedicated to haute cuisine, with a young and dynamic brigade and tasting menus designed by Fabrizio Tesse based on his vision of the Terre di Langa. “The flavours and the dishes that have made great the tradition of this area of ​​Piedmont are the focus of my interest. Classic preparations, interpreted for an audience attentive to coded flavours, but also to new trends and cooking techniques” says Tesse. The Vie del Sale, from Liguria to France, from Spain to Italy, capable of bringing raw materials from the sea to hill lands, are a strong point of inspiration for the Chef. In addition to the salt water products,  also fresh water ones find their place in the kitchen of Fabrizio Tesse: lake and river fish from Piedmont are rediscovered in the menus of La Rei with the right territorial interpretations. Next to the main room, there is a  private room that accommodates ten to twenty people, where it is possible to organise your own lunch or dinner event.

Sunsì Bistrot is the daily heart of “Il Boscareto Resort & Spa”, and from the 2019 season it welcomes guests in a completely new guise: seven days a week, with a card capable of offering the unmissable dishes of the area, but also giving quick snacks and greedy, fruit and vegetable extracts, salads and wellness dishes for those taking a break from the Spa. With the lounge and the terrace overlooking the vineyards, the Sunsì welcomes guests throughout the day, accompanying them from the morning coffee breakfast, a relaxing lunch, up to tea or to the aperitif, maybe tasting a wine that comes from the vineyards you are admiring at sunset

Al Boscareto is the absolute novelty at the reopening of 2019, a pop-up restaurant dedicated to weekends and pre-holiday and holiday days, with a dynamic map that tells the most typical and traditional cuisine of the Langhe. Menus capable of bringing to mind the Sundays for lunch at the grandmother’s, with fresh pasta made as they once were, typical meats and sweets.

The cellar

In a dehumidified environment at an ideal temperature for storage of 17/18°C degrees, the winery offers over 1200 labels, ranging from the wines of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato to those of Burgundy, without giving up the Super Tuscans, whites of Alsace and the north -East Italian ones and the inevitable Champagne.

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