Fish broth gnocchi

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FOT THE POTATO GNOCCHI: 500 gr. potatoes, 900 gr. flour, salt how much is enough. FOR FISH BROTH: 10 mussels, 10 clams, 100 gr. of red snapper, 50 gr. tomato puree, 4 tomatoes, 5 lt. of water. PLATING: 4 raw prawns, 4 grape berries of white grape, 2 tablespoons of mascarpone.


POTATO GNOCCHI: Boil the previously washed and peeled potatoes in salted water for about an hour. Once drained, fold them in the potato mash twice and let them cool. Then mix them with the flour and add salt to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Then proceed with the creation of the gnocchi (about 10 grams each). FISH BROTH: Lightly toast the fish in a saucepan for a couple of minutes. Add 20 ice cubes in and add the water, the puree and the tomatoes cut in half. Reduce all the mixture to low heat for about an hour. Filter everything so as to obtain the broth without impurities.


Cook the gnocchi in salted water and drain when they come to the surface.With the help of a dough cutter, put them on the plate (about 15 gnocchi per person) together with the freshly heated mascarpone, a scampi and a grape berry both cut into four parts. Serve pouring the  directly broth at will once at table.

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