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Celery cooked in lovage oil, warm scampi and infusion of kefir lime.


For green apple and celery extraction: 200 g /7 oz. celery juice, 80 g / 3 oz. green apple pulp, 10 g / o.35 oz. yuzu, salt. For the lovage oil: 40 g / 1.41 oz. lovage, 100 g / 3.5 oz. extra virgin oil, 50 g / 1.7 oz. seeds oil. For the iodine celery in lovage oil: 100 g / 3.5 oz.  celery, 30 g/ 1.5 oz. lovage oil. For the shellfish oil: 1 kg / 35 oz. scampi, lobsters and crayfish heads, 10 g / 0.35 oz. verbena, 15 g / 0.529 oz. garlic, 2 l/ 70.29 fl. oz.  seeds oil. For the scampi: 2 scampi 7/8 for each kg, salt, kefir lime.


For green apple and celery extraction: wash and spin-dry  the celery. Add the green apple pulp and filter the mixture. Put the mixture into infusion and put  into the fridge at 4°C. For the lovage oil: wash and browse the lovage. Blanch it in salt water. Cool it immediately in iced-water and then dry it well to avoid it absorb water and loose its aromatic properties.  Pour the oils and the lovage in the mixer and mix for 15’ at 50°C. Filter and let it decant. For the iodine celery in lovage oil: wash and peel the celery. Cut  into stripes. Put the celery in a vacuum sealer bag, add the oil, soak and reserve in the refrigerator.  Cook the celery for 3 minutes in a saucepan. For the shellfish oil: remove eyes and the bag with the sand inside the head of the crustacean. Take a pot and heat it up, add a portion of seed oil, just to start browning the shell of your mollusc. Continue cooking and add the aromatic herbs, continue cooking for 5 minutes, add seed oil and cook at 75 ° C for 3 hours. Leave to decant until cooled, filter and store in vacuum. For the scampi: wash the scampi and remove the heads, removing the eyes and keep the heads for other preparations. Remove the intestinal casing of the prawns taking care not to break it while cleaning the scampi. Shell the scampi and reserve them on a plate with a blue antibacterial cloth. At the time of serving, add the prawns and brown them unilaterally. Season with lime kefir and serve. Blanch the celery in salt water for 3 minutes, put the lovage oil in a saucepan with 10g/0.35 oz. green apple pulp. Cover the celery until you will obtain a good cooking. Blanch the prawn after having previously salted it, season with lime kefir and place the celery in the dish, place the two prawns on top, two sea urchin gonads, 1 begonia flower, 4 oxali-scurniculata leaves, and cut maritime mertensia into chiffonade. Put the extraction of green apple and celery in a gravy boat and add the oil to the lovage.

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