Market Exhibition of Nativity Scenes from the World in Farigliano

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The annual appointment is back, thanks to the participation of the numerous visitors that has been growing over the years, a real event: the “Crib Nativity from the World” Exhibition.

13th edition

With a set-up of new arrivals, nativities will be able to be found this year from: Kyrgyzstan, Honduras, Haiti, USA, Guatemala, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey, Kenya, Peru, Ecuador, Russia, Ukraine, Mozambique from Sunday 17th November it will be possible simply to admire or wanting to acquire, with a minimum contribution, the various nativities coming from all over the world, nativity scenes of the local tradition, works of art and sacred representations of craftsmanship of all sizes and made with the most disparate materials, with a dedicated section to music boxes and snowballs of all shapes and sizes, which will certainly fascinate and conquer visitors and also from the Czech Republic you will find hand-painted decorations for the Christmas tree.

The Exhibition-Market can be visited every Saturdays, Sundays and holidays up to the Epiphany from 9am to 12am and from 3pm to 7pm. From December 8th, it will also be opened every weekday with hours 15-19. On Sunday 1st December, on the occasion of the “Fiera dei Puciu”, open from 9am to 7pm.


Over 50 works of art, and sections reserved for hobbyists, schools and children. Large sets, dioramas, open nativity scenes. National artists from Cuneo, Turin, Grugliasco, Borgaro Torinese, Savona, Naples, Giffoni Valle valley …

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