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For all those who want to discover the chef’s secrets: don’t miss your seat at the “chef table”
(5 seats available upon reservation).


Massimo Camia was born in Dogliani on 12° September 1960, he has lived in Monforte d’Alba until he was 14 years old and he has always had a strong passion for food and cooking. He studied at the Scuola Alberghiera in the Canavese area, in Ceres, city located in the Valli di Lanzo. He had his early experiences in important hotels, where he gained a good organisation method, then, he dedicated his life to the local restaurants. He has always been strongly attached to the tradition of his territory and to his origins,; in 1986 he opened his first restaurant in Mondovì. Two years later, Luciana, an ex-teacher from Monforte,  became his business partner and then also his wife. She takes care of reception. They both had a strong desire to come back in the Langhe and so in 1990 Massimo decided to celebrate his passion for his native land, opening the “Locanda nel borgo Antico” , a small and nice restaurant in the centre of  Barolo; his Locanda is located at the first floor of a palace in the historical centre, just few metres far from the castle. Massimo and Luciana’s lives, full of work and satisfaction, have been awarded in 2001 with the Michelin star, which is a very convicted recognition, gave by the food and wine guides. Along with the Damilano family, who had already had important collaborations with Massimo and Luciana, in 2013 it was created the “Massimo Camia Ristorante”, a place which perfectly reflects the identity Camia along with the prestigious wines of the “Damilano” winery.


If you want to have a special dinner you can reserve a table in a private winery, where also the tablecloths realised by to “Rivolta Carmignani” are an exclusive symbol of elegance. For all those who want to discover all the chef’s secrets : do not miss the dinner ath the “chef table”. (5 seats available on reservation).

The philosophy of the “Massimo Camia Ristorante”

Massimo Camia’s cuisine is first of all a celebration of his territory and to the good products produced in Piedmont, but he wants to tribute also many traditional Italian recipes such as the Pugliese burrata tortelli or the tortelli with tomato sauce. In some of his creations you can feel the echoes of France, which is always well appreciated, thanks to the richness of its food. In every season you will find a special menu according to the piedmontese products, a special place is dedicated to the king of Piedmont, the white truffle of Alba. The cuisine of Camia is characterised by a genuine taste, which respects the tradition, ignoring the modern vanguards and experiments; his cooking is oriented to the quality of the products and to the techniques.  However, occasionally, the chef proposes particular pairings creating traditional recipes with a great personality.

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