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The chef’s philosophy: to know the nature of the ingredients, respecting the efforts of the producers.


“The Guido restaurant” was founded in 1960 in Costigliole d’Asti thanks to Guido Alciati’s and Lidia Vanzino’s idea, who got married the year after. Their idea was very simple, but very unusual at the time: they wanted to create a new modern restaurant, which may offer an innovative cuisine, respectful of tradition and seasonality: the recipes have been created using fresh raw materials cooked upon reservations. The dining room should be always clean, bright and provided with nice dishes, the tables should be always at the right distance one from another, the glasses suitable to valorise the great local wines, stored in the cellar at the right temperature. It was a visionary restaurant, actually futuristic at the time. Guido’s sons, Ugo and Piero Alciati, did not change this vision. Today the “Guido Restaurant” is located at Villa Reale, in the natural reserve of Fontanafredda, in Serralunga d’Alba and it offers a traditional cuisine respectful of the season and of the memory.

The no-waste philosophy

The best representation of the “no waste” philosophy followed by the Alciati family is symbolised by a traditional recipe of the restaurant: the plin ravioli. Only the brain and the austerity of the piedmontese inhabitants could make special a recipe such as the plin, invented not to waste leftovers. The tradition tells that each family created its own recipe using the available ingredients. It is fundamental not to waste and in particular not to waste raw materials in the respect of the hard work of the farmers and breeders. It is a matter of respect for the others’ job. The philosophy of the restaurant is based on this tradition, which is perfectly represented in Ugo Alciati’s menu, which, thanks to modern technologies tries to use always the right quantity of ingredients. Moreover the chef valorises the local raw materials, excellences, which have always been the strength of Alciati. His philosophy: know the nature of the ingredients, respecting the efforts of the producers, trying to learn from the territory and finally “less is more”: few, but fundamental rules. “My crew and I work always respecting the local producers. We, as chefs, must trust the local producers, because they are real heroes and we must become their first supporters and spokesmen”.

And, if you want to change, there is the “Taverna del Re”….

This is the bistrot of the “Guido Ristorante” it is located in Fontanafredda too, at the ground floor of the Villa Reale. This bistrot is very cosy and it has a nice open kitchen, so people can see the chefs cooking, a cellar and a fireplace. The magic of this informal place is a mix of simplicity and high-quality products, the perfect place to taste the flavours of the tradition.

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