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Emotions which smell of East and that meet with local Asti traditions to create a triumph of alchemy flavours.


All begins thanks to grandpa Pasquale. He was a farmer and at the ned of ‘60s he came up with a great idea: he had a small land in Isola d’Asti, on the road to Alba, and, with the help of the architect Giovanni Bo, he made of this land the perfect place to build his restaurant. In this way it was born the “Il Cascinale”; inaugurated in 1968. At the beginning it was just a tavern for passengers. In the kitchen granny, Giuseppina, helped by her son Armando and her daughter-in law Silavana cooked simple but delicious Piedmont recipes.  After the death of Pasquale the restaurant had many inconveniences until the new reborn, in 1985, when Walter and Roberto, the youngest of the family, took the lead. Thanks to their enthusiasm they proposed novelties and had a great success of public, they renovated the rooms and started to travel all around the world to discover and collect new special emotions…Then, in 1990, they gained the first Michelin star, which symbolise still today their passion and renovation. Walter Ferretto never stop proposing new ideas to his costumers, who, with the passing of the time have become friends.


It is the new  open-air summer restaurant. It is modern furnished with a more formal cuisine and service; this place points to the taste of excellence and to the best raw materials. Its philosophy is bases on “easy” recipes at an appropriate price. It is located just few kilometres from the city centre, where you can “admire and smell” the countryside atmosphere, discovering it at different times of the day. The “bistrot” proposes pizzas and much more, salads, bruchette, starters, first and second courses.

The philosophy of “Il Cascinale Nuovo”

Emotions which smell of East and that meet with local Asti traditions to create a triumph of alchemy flavours. At “Il Cascinale Nuovo” restaurant the two brothers, Walter and Roberto, valorise the Piedmonte roots with a sprinkle of contemporary and an international point of view. Excellent raw materials are the base of their recipes, the restaurant reflects itself in the dishes proposed, which conserve the tradition with a pinch of refinement.

These harmonies are a mix of unexpected flavours, which come from the perfect pairing between innovation and history, unique and ​​perfectly recognizable matrix of the Ferretto brothers’ creations.

In autumn the undiscussed protagonist is the Monferrato white truffle, which makes every recipe precious, such as tajarin, but also soft egg and the yellow pumpkin and parmesan pie.

To complete the proposal, a minimalist design environment and an outdoor space with a chic atmosphere where you can pamper yourself by the pool.

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