White chocolate and hazelnuts mushroom

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Ingredients for 6 people

For the mushroom: 70g/2½oz cream, 30g/1oz egg yolks, 70g/2½oz milk, 17.5g/½oz sugar, 33g/1oz dried porcini, 4g/0.14oz gelatine, 50g/2oz hazelnuts flour, 177g/6oz white chocolate. For the crumble: 50g/2oz sugar, 5g/0.18oz cane sugar, 50g/2oz flour, 50g/2oz cocoa, 50g/2oz butter. For the vanilla cream: 350g/12½oz cream, 150g/5½oz milk, half vanilla pod, 60g/2oz sugar, 4g/0.14oz gelatine. For the grapevine leaves: 18 medium grapevine leaves, 100g/3½oz water, 50g/2oz sugar.


For the crumble: mix all the ingredients with a whisk, heat at 180C/356F for 7 minutes. For the vanilla cream: boil all the ingredients, apart from the gelatine. Once the mixture is cooled Add the softened gelatine and chill. For the grapevine leaves: wash and heat in water for 30 minutes. Cover with the syrup of water and sugar and let them dry. Boil the cream, the milk and the dried mushrooms. Remove from the heat and infuse for one night. Drain the mushrooms and use the liquid to create an English cream, when it reaches 82C/180F, add the softened gelatine and the white chocolate. Once the mixture will be chilled create some nuggets and bread them with the hazelnuts flour.

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