A look on Milan: the new Acquada restaurant by Sara Preceruti

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Sara Preceruti’s new restaurant on the Navigli: Acquada, officially opened a few days before Christmas, and now it is active in all respects.

by Nadia Toppino

Born in 1983, Sara Preceruti comes from Castello d’Agogna, a small town in Lomellino. She worked for several years at “La Locanda del Notaio” in PellioIntelvi, in the province of Como, and in 2010 she received a Michelin star.

In 2013 she was named the Best Female Chef of Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino by the IdentitàGolose Guide and  meantime she confirmed the Michelin star of the restaurant.

In 2015 she was among the twelve young chefs, selected by Carlo Cracco, protagonists of the events at the former convent of the Annunciata in Abbiategrasso (Mi) in collaboration with the Embassy of Taste.

In 2016 she chose the Como area to open her restaurant. Thus was born in PorlezzaAcquada, “downpour” in dialect, which gives to her many satisfactions, in an environment perhaps too closed to better express her capabilities, due to a limited catchment area:

“I had the feeling that in some cases my kitchen was little understood, hence I felt the need to change.”

Unfortunately, in addition to professional reasons, the desire to “change” was also born from an unpleasant fact that happened to the chef, the mourning of the young husband, that convinced her to face the change of city, to seek an evolution of her career, also to have strong stimuli to be faced with tenacity and positivity.

TanoSimonato, the Milanese chef from Tano, notices her talent. “Passamil’olio”, supported and helped her in this transfer to Milan, specifically in the location where the old §TanoPassami Olio was (up to a couple from months ago!).

Location refurbished, with aspects and details that recall the chef’s personality throughout: designer furniture and the colours that have always characterized Acquada: grey and aqua green, with photos on the walls made specifically with images of a Milan seen in the reflections of the puddles. Artwork!

The menu is interesting, completely new dishes, only two exceptions that have become Acquada’s signature courses in the three years in Porlezza: the gianduia dresses red, in which peppers are stuffed with a gianduia cream, and the chef’s green Tortellini.

An evolving kitchen, a bit like this young woman:

“A contemporary chef must always be curious, passionate, able to learn and make his/her own new techniques. In short, he/she must be inclined to experimentation. I believe that a fundamental aspect of the kitchen, and specifically mine, is dynamism “.

And so at Christmas, Sara Preceruti welcomed guests with a specially designed party menu, on New Year’s Eve she left room for free choice with a “7-course freehand” menu to select from the menu, and now she is ready to satisfy the curious palates of Milanese and non, together with her young brigade.

A look at the menu

Starters: 62° cooked egg with beet powder, broccoli and leeks cream, tomatoes and beet savours

Among the first courses: tortellini stuffed with pico de chevre, pearls of balsamic vinegar, celeriac, foal tartare, apple broth

Main courses: Iberian pork cheek, celeriac puree, campari jelly, pinolittra crunchy

Desserts: mulled  beetroot, bitter cocoa water sauce, orange soup

Prices per plate ranging from 13 euros for desserts to 28 euros for main courses.

Wine list with a hundred labels.


Via Eugenio Villoresi 16

20143 – Milan

Tel: +39 02 35945636

Email: ristorante@acquada.com

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Via Eugenio Villoresi 16  20143 – Milano

Tel: +39 02 35945636

Email: ristorante@acquada.com