A look on Milan: the oil leaves the place to the downpour!

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Two restaurants to discover in Milan: the famous “TanoPassamil’Olio” moved to its new location and gave space on the Navigli to the new “Acquada” by Sara Preceruti.

by Nadia Toppino

The Milanese restaurants are always active and alive, new openings at all times and every day you can talk about some new premises.

But not all have significant and important stories.

We want to tell the story of two friends who created two new places, making travel games, oil recipes and photos of downpours!

We are talking about the historic Milanese starred restaurant “Tanopassamil’olio”  and the new “Acquada restaurant” (moved from Porlezza to Milan).

What links these two places?

First, a deep and affectionate friendship between TanoSimonato and Sara Preceruti, two starred chefs:

  • he got a Michelin star and he has been managing for years the Milanese restaurant famous for the use of oil in every recipe (banned butter!)
  • she got a Michelin star too and, some years ago, she worked in the Val d’Intelvi restaurant.
  • A deep friendship and affection similar to father-daughter relationship rather than professional. Two people who respect each other and love each other, and who help each other, and grow in this. Tanohepled Sara starting the restaurant …

And then they have a nice professional relationship binds them:

  • he left his old restaurant in the Navigli area, the historic home of the oil-based cuisine, to move to the more central Cadorna area, in Via Petrarca, keeping the old restaurant’s style, colors and setting. Only something has changed on the menu, the opening for lunch with the business lunch formula, and the possibility of organizing events and conventions in a cellar, masterfully furnished, with space for conferences or round tables.
  • she left Porlezza, on the Swiss lake, where you started her business with the Acquada restaurant, and moved everything within the walls of the “Tanopassamil’olio” to the Navigli. “Acquada” which in dialect means “downpour”, best expresses what Sara Preceruti is, who wanted to furnish the restaurant with photos of a Milan seen through the reflections of the puddles.

Two places to discover, both for the cuisine, different in its essence and substance, and for the people, two chefs rich in humanity, pleasantness and culture … because behind each dish there are hands that cook it, and behind each hand there is a person who wants to express his being in his recipes.

Here, in this case, it is worth discovering these two people, through their dishes, in their restaurants and with a chat at the table … or in the kitchen if they really don’t want to go out!

  • Tano Passami l’olio , Via Francesco Petrarca, 4, 20123 Milano
  • Acquada, Via Eugenio Villoresi, 16, 20143 Milan

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  • Tano passami l’olio , Via Francesco Petrarca, 4, 20123 Milano
  • Acquada, Via Eugenio Villoresi, 16, 20143 Milano