A look on Turin: the best bread in Italy

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Italy’s best bakeries, the three must-see addresses in Turin according to Gambero Rosso.

by Nadia Toppino

The three Turin ovens in Italian excellence. Three of the best bakeries in Turin: to say it is “Bread & Bakers of Italy”, the guide of Gambero Rosso who reviews Italian bakeries. In particular, the three Turin addresses have received the highest recognition, the “Tre Pani” which sanction the maximum excellence in the ancient art of baking.

Throughout Italy, there are 36 three loaves, which will tell the vanguard of Italian bread, the great traditions and the impetus of young bakers.

Acidity, cooking, conservation, composition of the flours: there are many criteria adopted by the jury to judge the quality of the bread produced in all regions of Italy.

And which led to the awarding of three different bakeries in Turin.

In all of Piedmont there are 5 bakeries awarded the highest recognition foreseen for this guide. So, together with an oven in Folbello (Vercelli) and one in Roddino (cuneo), here are the addresses of the three best bakeries in the city of Turin, between the centre, San Salvario and Borgo San Paolo:

PerinoVesco – via Cavour 10

FiciniValter bakery – via Berthollet 30

Il Fornodell’Angolo Luca Scarcella – via Lurisia 7

And therefore, an out of the ordinary tour of the Savoy city could be inspired by bread-making.

Forget for a moment the Mole Antonelliana, and let yourself be guided by the scent of freshly baked bread!

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