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The ski areas in the Gesso, Stura and Maira valleys.

  • Entracque, in Valle Gesso, offers both downhill and cross-country tracks. The Centro Fondo Gelas, a true natural paradise in the heart of the Maritimes, has a total of 35 km of slopes. The Sciovie del Viver, just 20 minutes from Cuneo, are an excellent training ground for beginners: the peculiarity of the station is that all the slopes for alpine skiing are clearly visible from the solarium. The tourist offer in Entracque is varied, just think of the presence of the “Men and Wolves” Wildlife Centre where families can “get closer” and learn about the wolves of the Protected Areas of the Maritime Alps.
  • The Valle Stura boasts many centres for the fund: Festiona, Bergemolo di Demonte and Aisone form a ring. Festiona is confirmed as an excellent school for the practice of the fund also for students and the disabled. Bagni di Vinadio, higher up, guarantees breath-taking views in a pristine environment. For the fun of all families, the Forte Albertino di Vinadio houses an artificial ice skating rink, available from late November to March.
  • Argentera, with 4 lifts (1 chair lift and 3 ski lifts) for 25 km of slopes, is the ideal destination for lovers of alpine skiing and free ride. Here the school camp is separated from the lifts used by the other skiers, to guarantee beginners maximum tranquillity. Sports available in Argentera: free ride, snowboard and much more.
  • In Castelmagno in Valle Grana, where the well-known Sanctuary is located and the eponymous PDO cheese is produced, snowshoeing and ski touring routes are available. Further downstream, in the Pradleves area, an indoor ice skating rink is available.
  • The Maira Valley is counted among the most fascinating alpine winter destinations for Nordic skiing, ski mountaineering and snowshoeing, still so wild without ski lifts. There are numerous and spectacular possible excursions on skis: in the whole valley there are more than 100 alpine ski itineraries, of which about half are in the Acceglio area. In the upper valley there are also tracks for the FISI approved fund. Rings for the fund are also present in Prazzo, Elva and Canosio. The valley is dotted with still authentic alpine villages and small churches that preserve treasures unknown to most.

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