Freeride in Vermenagna Valley

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The RISERVA BIANCA ski area offers unlimited possibilities for off-piste skiing lovers.

A ski area full of itineraries ranging from wide spaces and steep couloirs to fantastic slopes and characteristic beech woods, always new and different emotions in all winter months. Alpetta, Pancani, Colle di Tenda are the culmination of the ski resort, a direct access point for many off-piste skiing, or as an alternative starting point for short excursions with seal skins. Meta Monte Alpetta, Bric Campanin, Cima Pepino, Cima Pernante, fantastic “belvedere” points where, from south to east, you can see the sea with Corsica in the distance and from the west to the north the Maritime and Cozie Alps that culminate with the 3841 metres of Monviso “The Stone King” and in the distance the Valle d’Aosta Alps with the Matterhorn and the Rosa Group that dominate the Po Valley. After catching your breath, you catapult yourself into immaculate long descents that bring the skier back to the valley in Limone village, at Altitude 1400 or at Limonetto.

To tackle the off-piste descents it is necessary to be prepared, to have the appropriate equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel and probe) to know the conditions of the snowpack and to be able to carefully evaluate the right lines on the slopes, in order to fully enjoy an experience in safety and without limits of freedom.

The UIAGM mountain guides of LIMONE PIEMONTE are the FREERIDE specialists in the ski area.

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