The sky areas in Varaita, Po and Infernotto valleys.

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In the Province of Cuneo there are 356 km of slopes and the ski areas are served by 78 ski lifts.

  • The Varaita Valley offers both ski lifts and cross-country skiing tracks: Bellino, Casteldelfino (with its homologated “La Trasà” slope) and Valmala are specialized centres for Nordic skiing with practicable rings for both experts and beginners.
  • In Sampeyre the lifts lead up to an altitude of 1800 m and guarantee fun for young and old, thanks to 2 chairlifts and 2 treadmills that serve both the slopes and the 2 school courts. The station is equipped with cannons for artificial snow and proposes slopes for everyone, from green to black. On the snow also refreshment and relaxation services open to all. Higher up, the slopes of Pontechianale develop between expanses of pine forests and firs, for a total of 20 km, in the presence of the “King of stone”, the Monviso (3841 m) which gives life to the river Po. 5 the plants active ascents, of which one chairlift (also active in summer), 3 ski lifts and 1 treadmill. Noteworthy, in the upper Valle Varaita, are the flows of ice on which it is possible to climb safely.
  • The Pian Muné ski resort in Paesana in Valle Po has 1 chairlift, 1 ski lift and 2 treadmills and offers snow lovers the opportunity to practice downhill skiing (with 16 km of slopes in front of Monviso), but also snowboarding (with two snow parks available), ski mountaineering, off-piste skiing, snowshoeing, fat bike and bobsleigh rides. There are two refuges available for tasty snacks, a hot polenta or a more romantic dinner in a cabin with snow cat transport.
  • The Po Valley has a cross-country center in Oncino and another station for alpine skiing in Crissolo – Pian Regina: among the stations with the highest altitude in the province, it has 18 km of downhill slopes, a ring for the bottom and it allows you to ski, to venture into snowshoe hikes and in exciting free rides in the presence of Monviso, the Stone King.
  • Not far away, in Valle Infernotto, in Bagnolo Piemonte rises Rucaski, with 3 ski lifts serving 6 km of slopes, a snow park and a bobsleigh track. Station suitable for families and beginners thanks to the convenience of access, the tranquillity of the location and the numerous family friendly services. Possibility of snowshoe excursions and ski mountaineering trips. A characteristic chalet on the slopes to taste typical dishes and organize your p

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