Not just snow in Frabosa Soprana

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In Frabosa Soprana, between the Val Maudagna and the Val Corsaglia, you can see the majestic Monte Moro and the Malanotte (1000 m in altitude). A popular resort since the end of the 1800s, Frabosa is certainly the most famous and ancient tourist resort in the Mondovì Alps.

With its 30 km of slopes, together with Prato Nevoso and Artesina, Frabosa Soprana is part of the Mondolé Ski area, a ski area with over 100 km of slopes and 31 ski lifts including chair lifts, ski lifts and treadmills.

The Frabosa Soprana ski area offers enthusiasts pistes approved by the FISI. We must not forget the possibility of practicing snowboarding and ski touring.

But Frabosa is not just snow. The Grotta di Bossea (a natural reserve explored since 1840), the Ethnographic Museum of Fontane, the extreme eastern Occitan enclave, and the Parish Church of San Giovanni Battista built by F. Gallo in the ‘700 are jewels absolutely not to be missed.

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