Terme of Lurisia: really healing properties

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Since 1940 the Lurisia hydrothermal institute is a source of health, a place immersed in an extraordinary landscape and relaxing atmosphere, where it is easy to take care of oneself.

At the Terme di Lurisia the water really healing properties. The local miners of 1900 healed their wounds immersing them in this “magic” water. The Nobel prize winner, Madame Marie Curie, certified it scientifically in 1918, demonstrating the exceptional therapeutic properties of the Lurisia thermal water, a radio-healing water with unique benefits.

The legend tells that was one of the dozens of miners who, involuntary, discovered the water in the early years of the last century. Punctuating the rocky wall to remove the lose (typical slabs of local stone used for building), he unintentionally struck a vein of spring water, that turned out to be excellent to drink but even better to cleanse sores and wounds that, almost miraculously, healed in a very short time. The “magical” qualities of this source soon became very well-known even outside the territory, attracting the attention of a multitude of onlookers, including doctors and researchers, who studied water characteristics, definitively attesting the medicinal and beneficial qualities of it.

In 1913 prof. Lincio (a famous mineralogy scholar) made excavations in the area and discovered the existence of extensive deposits of a particular radioactive mineral called autumnite. This news recalled the interest of the Italian Government that in 1918 called Marie Curie to study and analyze the water of Lurisia. She confirmed the radio emanation of the water and its exceptional therapeutic properties.

In 1940, Lurisia became an important centre for hydrothermal research, but also a delightful place for vacation and well-being, a favourite destination for thousands of people including important and important people of the time.

Only later, by decree of the Ministry of Health, the water was allowed to be bottled and sold so that the healthful qualities of the Fonte Santa Barbara of Lurisia were within everyone’s reach.

The therapeutic sources were called: Santa Barbara (protector of miners) with diuretic and purifying characteristics, Garbarino (name of the entrepreneur who built the baths) with sedative analgesic and anti-inflammatory characteristics.

Among the various wellness treatments there are:

  • the thermal Turkish bath
  • the infrared sauna
  • thermal hydro massage
  • the Finnish sauna
  • modelling treatments
  • beauty treatments
  • regenerating treatments

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