The 2020 sales in the province of Cuneo: until 29th February

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The 2020 winter session of the sales in the province of Cuneo and the rest of Piedmont will begin on Saturday 4th January, to end on 29th February. The advice of the Guardia di Finanza and Altroconsumo.

The bargain hunt starts, but you have to be careful of the cheats!

The period in which you can buy at particularly favourable conditions varies from region to region.

In the province of Cuneo and in Piedmont in general, they run from 4th January to 29th February. In nearby Liguria, for example, the start date is the same, but the conclusion will come on February 17th.

As every year, the Guardia di Finanza and consumer associations inform citizens that, even more than at other times of the year, in this period it is unfortunately rather simple to run into scams and deception. In this regard, it is useful to remember that sales during the sales period are governed by specific rules that should be kept in mind to avoid nasty surprises.

The four tips of the GdF

1. Before the beginning of the sales, it is good to pay a visit to the shops to make sure that the goods that will be on sale are not a warehouse surplus.

2. The discount must be indicated as a percentage on the tag, where the initial price of the garment must also be reported.

3. Always try on the item of clothing. The change is not an obligation of the trader and it is therefore good to ascertain if this is allowed and in what terms.

4. Carefully check for any defects in the item you are purchasing. In the event of obvious defects, the exchange is still mandatory by the shopkeeper within a period of two months, as required by law. 

The Decalogue of the Altroconsumo association

1. Compare the old price tag with the lowered one: if you have doubts about the percentage of discount or the price does not seem correct, ask the shopkeeper for clarification.

2. Check that the clothes are in good condition. If the defect comes out after the purchase, you can ask for the termination of the contract: the shopkeeper must return the amount paid or reduce the price. It is important to keep the receipt.

3. Always try on clothes: if you regret it later, you risk not being able to change it. In fact, the change is at the discretion of the trader. Always ask if it will allow you to make a change and how many days you have to make it.

4. Avoid purchasing clothing that does not have the two labels (composition and maintenance labels), to avoid damaging them in dry cleaning or water cleaning at home.

5. Make sure that the goods on sale are seasonal. The law provides, in fact, that the sales do not concern all the products, but only those of a seasonal nature and so-called “fashion” items, that is, those which are likely to depreciate if they are not sold during the season.

6. Remember that the prices shown are binding on the seller: if at the checkout a different price or discount is applied, let the shopkeeper know and do not hesitate, in case of problems, to get the municipal police to intervene.

7. The warranty is valid for two years from the purchase. Attention, therefore, to the chemical paper receipts, which fade after a few months; photocopies to be able to show them at the right time. The guarantee must be enforced within sixty days from the moment the defect is discovered.

8. A shopkeeper affiliated with a credit card is required to always accept it, even during sales, and not to increase the prices for payments made with the card.

9. Beware of payments made with the revolving card, because the rates applied can exceed 20%. This payment instrument can be convenient only in the case of repayment of capital in a very short time, i.e. a few months.

10. To avoid confusion and unwanted purchases, the goods sold on sale must be displayed separately from the one not taken for granted: make a complaint to the municipal police if this rule is not respected.

So: good shopping in the Granda province, but with eyes wide open!

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