A look on Milan: the city welcomes the 2020 IdentitàGolose conference

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Like every year, the IdentitàGolose congress attracts chefs and enthusiasts from all over the world, around the theme of “responsible food”.

In Milan 2020 edition of the IdentitàGolose Congress, an institution now in the world of food and catering.

The sixteenth edition of the Identità Milano congress, from 7th to 9th March at the MiCo in Milan, will have an important theme as its guiding thread, the sense of responsibility.

This is how the theme and importance of food explains Paolo Marchi, co-founder of IdentitàGolose:

 “Today is more than ever the time for choices. Those who populate the world of catering at every level have access to so many sources of information that it sounds anachronistic and guilty to think they are not interconnected with all the four corners of the planet. We can inform ourselves without any effort, provided that we really want it and not pretend by continuing to postpone important and inevitable choices.

We must all bear in mind the most important value of all, which comes before any law, rule or regulation: the sense of responsibility.

The Earth has so many problems that those who live in it can no longer shut themselves in a restaurant or editorial office, a cellar or a pastry shop, passively undergoing what is happening around them. We have a conscience, let’s use it to do immediately what we can and we must even before laws or regulations impose an obligation on us.

In words, everyone is good, in the kitchen and outside, in the dining room and in the cellar, but in fact how many people are really aware of what is meant by respect for nature and  economic sustainability project? 

The sense of responsibility, the theme of this year’s congress, must lead us to nourish every truth with authentic content. Woe to go on justifying everything, woe to insist on behaving by pretending that the world is not suffering rather than denying economic and social disparities not only between different countries but also within them. For example, the race at the lowest price  penalizes quality and leads to the triumph of the binge for a few euros.

And it is not a question of becoming all saints, but of starting to become aware that we must change, we must take the first steps and not give up doing something virtuous thinking that “nothing ever changes”. It’s not true. Milan that launches the most important limited traffic area in Italy, Senigallia that bans plastic, separate waste collection are important signals, to be captured and processed in the mind. Making less mistakes is the beginning of virtuous cycles.”

IdentitàGolose 2020 – The Sense of Responsibility will testify to all this, it will bring to the fore big and small stories in which the Sense of Responsibility allows us to make good practices and changes necessary and destined to be imitated and increasingly widespread. In Italy and worldwide.

An intense programme of conferences, presentations and show-cooking with the greatest chefs in Italy and the world.

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