A look on Turin:a fusion between sushi and Moscato

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FUZION FOOD presents the first sushi with Moscatod’Asti DOCG.

A taste experience bearing the signature of Domenico Volgare, chef patron of Fuzion Food. He is always looking for the perfect intersection between Mediterranean and oriental cuisine

FUZION FOOD presents the first sushi with Moscatod’Asti DOCG.

The first Moscatod’Asti DOCG sushi was born in Turin, as a result of the continuous experimentation of Chef Domenico Volgare, owner of Fuzion Food in Via Volta 4B, a stone’s throw from Via Roma.

It is a taste experiment created from the encounter between Chef Dome, as friends call it, and Mongioia, a Langhe winery active for 6 generations in the production of Moscato.

Chef Dome reinterpreted the classic sushi rice recipe by replacing the sake – usually used for the rice dip – with the Moscatod’Asti DOCG from Mongioia, which gives the sushi an even fresher and fruity flavour.

“The idea came about after meeting Maria and Riccardo with these extraordinary producers whose philosophy is very well reflected in mine. In fact, Cantina Mongioia is a real creative laboratory where new methods have been developed which have generated a collection of wines with a strong and undisputed identity.

Riccardo Bianco and Maria Graziano, the owners of the winery, started out just like me, from tradition to create something innovative and contemporary “.

Chef Dome’s sushi, in fact, is something decidedly different from what is served in the classic Sushi bars or Sushi All you can eat.

The rolls, in fact, are not wrapped in the traditional nori seaweed, but by a soy sheet that enhances the Mediterranean flavours and ingredients, undisputed protagonists of Domenico’s cuisine.

For the sushi rice, the chef chose the organic one of the Risola Vignola (Alessandria) Selenio quality to create a “zero km sushi”.

Domenico is constantly looking for the excellence of our territory, through a common thread that connects Piedmont to Puglia, his homeland.

Precisely for this reason, his Fuzion project is positioned as a gastronomic laboratory that does not abandon tradition, but at the same time embraces experimentation with enthusiasm: much more than a pizzeria and much more than a sushi bar, this place can perfectly identify with the modern ” melting food restaurant “- to use the words of its patron: a meeting point between different cultures and ingredients.

Here the main products of the “fuzion experience” are pizza and sushi revisited in a fusion key and with a keen eye on the raw and seasonal materials, which is carefully chosen among small producers, among the principals and among the food and wine products made in Italy of the highest quality such as:

Piedmontese beef sausage from Granda,

The Robiola di Roccaverano,

Piennolo tomatoes from the Giolì company,

salted meat from Trentino,

Taggiasca Olives,

Fiaschetto tomato from Torre Guaceto,

saline capers from the Aeolian islands,

Caiazzane olives,

‘Nduja artisan of Spilinga,

integral salt of Trapani PGI,

organic EVO oil from Puglia,

Sesame of Ispica…just to name a few.

Muscat Sushi will be on the menu starting this month, February 2020.

The restaurant: Open for lunch and dinner from Tuesday to Sunday, Fuzion Food offers an à la carte menu or a series of combinations designed for aperitifs such as Tapas or tasting tours and the “Fuzion Experience”. All accompanied by a careful selection of wine labels from all over Italy, craft beers and cocktails in fusion version.

Address and contacts: Fuzion via Volta 4/B | www.fuzionfood.it | tel. +393462124341

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