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Until February 25th the events of the 92nd Carnival in Saluzzo take place. The peculiarity of this edition is the twinning with the Carnival of Rivoli (TO). The two events join together giving rise to the “Carnival of the two provinces”. Masks and wagons will parade in both Piedmontese cities bringing lots of fun.


February 9th – Investiture of the Castellana

February 15th – Veglione_Pala CRS

February 16th – 92nd Carnival City Saluzzo, parade floats February 20th – dancing evening

February 22nd – Veglione_Pala CRS

February 23rd – Third Carnival of the Oratories of the Diocese of Saluzzo

23rd February – 66th Rivoli Carnival, allegorical float parade 25th February – Children’s Ball with Masks

The new year brings with it a Carnival that, after the great success of 2019, wants to repeat and exceed the edition that has given so much lustre to the City of Saluzzo. The Carnival of 2 Provinces, which sees the cities of Rivoli and Saluzzo united, has donated so much curiosity and large papier-mâché floats to the capital of the Marquisate.

Many confirmations and some news. First of all, Ciaferlin!

Aurelio Seimandi will be the eclectic and cheerful Ciaferlin for the third consecutive year, accompanied by the two Ciaferlinot and a band of cheerful players. For the musician, TV presenter and director of the band complex of the city of Saluzzo and the band of Paesana, a festive and cheerful return. Aurelio Seimandi has shown, over the course of two editions, that he knows how to best interpret the carnival figure of Saluzzo giving it prestige and taking him, for the whole year, on tour among the national masks.

Accompanying him are the bridesmaids Luisa Giordano and Elisabetta Pia Gedda, the Ciaferlinot Michele Ferrero and Fabio Barroero.

Lots of music with the new gadget of the 2020 carnival. A disc is born with the songs of the masks and bands of the territory: Saluzzo, Piasco, Racconigi, Paesana, The Villages of Saluzzo, Moretta, Savigliano, Barge, Caraglio, Cardè, Scarnafigi, Valle Bronda, Envie, Revello, Villastellone. An idea that wants, in the wake of tradition, to affirm the importance of those texts and those motifs that narrate the party most loved by children. The starting point was born from the rediscovery of an ancient text of 1868 (Cansson ‘d Carlevè’ d Salusse) which is proposed as an anthem of the Saluzzo Carnival. There will be historic Castellana and Ciaferlin. Thanks to Aurelio Seimandi’s research work, this song has been set to music and is now part of the Saluzzo folklore.

The Castellana dress that will be made with the precious artistic and tailoring advice of Alessandra Rinaudo is still secret. An honour for the Bertoni Foundation, but above all for the lucky Lady of the Carnival who will wear it. Confcommercio di Saluzzo will instead offer the bridesmaids’ dresses.

Visits to schools, kindergartens and rest homes will begin on Monday 10th February, after the delivery of the keys to the city and the official investiture ceremony of the 68th Castellana, which will take place on Sunday 9th February.

Until February 25th, fifteen intense days of events for adults, but above all occasions for parties, meetings and sharing for children.

The 68th Castellana will be officially presented on Sunday 9 February from the balcony of the Municipality of the City of Saluzzo. A walk through the streets of Saluzzo to Piazza Vineis where music will prolong the party: a carnival concert to kick off the Saluzzo Carnival with joy. Appointment at 2.30 pm.

Sunday 16th February the great parade of the wagons and the great challenge of the wagons. The guests? The Verzuolo Oratory and the Odb Oratory of Saluzzo, then the large papier-mâché floats: Piobesi

Torinese ITALIANS ON HOLIDAY, Carmagnola MASTERWEST, Nichelino THE FAIRY TALE OF TOYS, Racconigi, Santena THE HOUSE OF THE ELVES, Roletto I 7 VIZI and Luserna San



The Amleto Bertoni Foundation relaunches the evenings dedicated to young and old. At Pala CRS two evenings to invite teenagers, to offer them a space full of music and fun, meeting and healthy party, a few hundred meters from the city center. Appointment on 15 February with Andrea Caponnetto from Saluzzo accompanied by Johnny Manfredi. Saturday 22nd instead will be the turn of the group of Radio Number One led by Marco Marzi and Marco Skarica.

Admission € 5, DJ set and bar service and wardrobe inside.

Thursday 20th February, return to the traditional dance evening open to all based on smooth music inside the stables of the Amleto Bertoni Foundation.

On Sunday 23rd February the third parade of the oratories of the Diocese of Saluzzo will be staged in the streets of Saluzzo. A Children’s Carnival for them to return to the protagonists, disguising themselves and participating in the street party. At the same time, in Rivoli, the parade of floats is the awarding of the winner of the Carnival of the 2 Provinces.

On Tuesday 25th February, Shrove Tuesday, the party closes at the Pala CRS with the children’s dance and the last day in the company of Castellana and Ciaferlin. Marco Marzi and his staff, the guest masks, the children always protagonists of the funniest party of the year.


Polentata under the wing will not be missing on Carnival Sundays. A moment to meet and spend time in company, before the big fashion shows.


Fruit is always the protagonist of the Saluzzo carnival. The carts produced by the many speakers in the parade will be embellished with products from the Saluzzo area. Fruits to make children’s inventions even more “fabulous” and fun. At the end, also a Young Coldiretti Prize.


Aimed at primary and nursery schools, fruit confetti is the challenge that invites the classes to participate with elaborate carnivals that will be rewarded with vouchers that can be spent in school materials thanks to the collaboration of the Girotondo / La Lucerna store. 2020 theme: FAIRY TALES, FAIRIES AND ELVES.


LOVE AT THE TIME OF THE MARCHESI – IN CARNIVAL EVERY JOKE IS WORTH – LEISURE, FUN AND GREAT EVENTS IN THE SALUZZO OF A TIME are the three guided tours designed for the Carnival by CoopCulture / Museums of Saluzzo. Three moments to entertain adults and children and make Saluzzo protagonist with its beauties

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