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There are many events that lead to the carnival in Cuneo:


All events will take place at 9.00 pm at the Toselli theatre (via Teatro Toselli, 9 – Cuneo)

7/2 – TRIEB_The investigation

The show reflects on the concept of uniqueness and complexity of the person, moving between theatre and dance.

“Through a performative state made of emotional waves, transformations and decays, the aim of the show is to be an exhibition of the shadow, an exaltation of the ugliness, the freedom of the imperfect, a hymn to the uniqueness, to the complex identity, to the madness that lives in us, to the inner monster that frightens us. Integration in its authentic form is the point of interest. To integrate not to hide, to see not to judge and to imagine. I would like the audience to witness and perceive the character’s cracks and tangles, managing to love him. He wondered: are we free to be what we are, just as we are? That he perceived how obsessed we are with adhering to something perfect, when instead we are imperfect beings and that in the end we are all a little monsters, bewitching witches, violent tyrants, cowards to life. “Chiara Ameglio

11/02 – PLATONOV

A large and marvellous unfinished fresco beginning with the title: Bezotcovš è ina means father’s orphan. Like an Untitled work. This is Platonov. A way like any other to say that happiness is elsewhere: an unfinished work for unfinished, incomplete, uncertain human beings, made fragile by their “wanting to be” which inevitably clashes with what they are in reality.

19/2 – Contemporary – OVERLOAD

1 paragraph. 167 words. 1062 characters. Can you read this text without interruption? Attention is a form of alienation: the point is knowing how to choose what to alienate yourself. For this reason, we always seem to be lost looking for something, even when we make only a few imperceptible gestures attached to small bright bubbles and we do not understand who listens and who speaks, who works and who has fun, who really finds something and who is just confused. Did you get here without looking away? Really? And isn’t this effort to do one thing only at a time unbearable? Look around: how many other things catch your attention? Now look at yourself from above: can you see yourself? The surfaces of the most densely populated territories on Earth are covered by a dense fog of messages, images and sounds in which people move, interact and sleep. Sometimes more intense noises arise, which the fog reabsorbs immediately as it flashes and resounds. Seen from here the planet simply seems too loud and distracted to survive.


Paintings, figures, figures. A succession of “musical images”, of small unique acts linked together by the mechanism of mental association, the quote, the Chinese boxes, or much more simply by an agreement in B flat. Bandakadabra, whimsical wind and percussion formation in Turin, an “urban fanfare” according to the effective definition of Carlin Petrini, born on the street, among the people you know, in those situations, is all to be conquered, takes a further step ahead in his career and engages in a comic-theatrical-musical show with vaguely surreal and Dadaist tones, capable, on occasion, of breaking down the fourth wall and creating a flow of communication with the spectators seated in the stalls. Music naturally acts as the fil rouge, the only one capable of uniting imaginations, situations and themes that are apparently irreconcilable.



The Cuneo Corso Soleri Comprehensive Institute redesigns the “Light from the shadow” exhibition created in the 2018-2019 school year by the students of the secondary school within the National Operational Program (PON) of the Ministry of Education, University and Research promoted by the European Structural Funds and aimed at “strengthening education in cultural, artistic and landscape heritage”.

The exhibition traces the history of the school through documents taken from the school archive and oral testimonies of former students and two survivors of the period in which the building’s underground rooms were used as places of detention and torture during the occupation of the Black Brigades. In the exhibition itinerary, objects and documents that testify to the activity of the Corso Soleri school from the late nineteenth century to the present day alternate alongside digital in-depth materials. A section is dedicated to the history of the Jewish community in the city, in collaboration with the Jewish school of Cuneo, and to the events related to Jewish pupils in the years 1938-1945.

The historical itinerary that can be visited in the exhibition not only focuses on the history of the school building in Corso Soleri, but through the documents it traces the main stages of the history of Italian education and its intertwining with the events of the early twentieth century, the two world wars and of the birth of the Italian Republic.

The exhibition will be open to the public of school groups (guided tour) until February 21st, 2020.




From 1st to 29th February 2020 in the Hall of the College of Surveyors in Via S. Giovanni Bosco 7 / H in Cuneo, you can visit the exhibition “for bees beauty is a yellow pollen” with photographs by Ober Bondi.

The author presents a remarkable series of images, telling the first two decades of the year 2000 that, as far as the world of photography is concerned, began with analogue and, year after year, experienced the digital revolution, with all the consequences that they derived from it.

Visiting hours: Friday, Saturday, Sunday from 4 to 7pm.

Free admission.



Aimed at all those who wish to improve their ice climbing technique. The aim of the course that will take place on 1st and 2nd February: to be independent in the progression from first rope and in the construction of stops on ice. For participation in the course a previous climbing experience on waterfalls is recommended. Cost per person € 180.00.

Location to be defined.

Info: tel. +39 335 6726 008

email and web. promotion@globalmountain.it – ​​www.globalmountain.it

FB @ guide.globalmountain


The Freeride course deals with off-piste skiing, that is, the set of techniques necessary not only to have fun but also to get out of the groomed slopes with safety and awareness, entering the magical world of powder snow. In addition to skiing techniques, the themes of prevention and avalanche self-rescue will be analysed.

The course is divided into a basic section for those who experience off-piste and advanced skiing for the first times for those who, already capable of off-piste skiing, want to improve their skills in the use of wide skis, “freeride curves”, steep skiing.

The lessons will be held on 8, 15th and 22nd February at the main ski resorts in the Cuneo area according to the best snow conditions of the moment.

Info: tel. +39 335 6726 008

email and web. promotion@globalmountain.it – ​​www.globalmountain.it

Children’s carnival

Sunday 23rd February (in case of bad weather, please refer to the following Sunday, 3 March) KIDS CARNIVAL 2020 “A MUSIC SOUND PARTY!”

Info: tel. +39 0171 444 450

e-mail: raffaella.rigoni@comune.cuneo.it – ​​www.comune.cuneo.it

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