Giorio: what do architecture and wine have in common?

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Giorio srl is a Montà d’Alba company specialised in the distribution, supply and installation of wooden floors, sports flooring, interior design, architecture, furnishings and luxury finishes.


The company was founded in 1969, dedicating itself mainly to satisfying the requests for parquet that come from private individuals in the area. It was the beginning of a long adventure that saw the company grow and turn its attention, as well as to the local reality, towards the marketing of wooden floors nationwide.

Located in a strategic position among the provinces of Cuneo, Turin and Asti, Giorio soon has started to establish itself in the regional context and, one step at a time, to make itself known throughout the peninsula thanks to a widespread distribution network and a series of trusted retailers.

The plant, located in via San Martino Nisocco, is now a reference point not only for installers and distributors, but also for architects, professionals and individuals looking for original and captivating solutions, capable of combining the warmth of wood with the most innovative systems of laying and maintenance.

• One of the company strengths is the exclusive Alma brand, one of the most renowned for wooden floors, affirmed on the Italian and international market thanks to a rich range of proposals, which combine the warmth and naturalness of wood with exclusive finishes , capable of enhancing any space. The best raw materials and the latest trends in the world of parquet meet and give life to a series of collections with a unique flavour, for a new and captivating aesthetic.

Giorio Casa, a brand with a clear international vocation, was developed for the interior design and architecture sector. Giorio Casa soon landed in China, in Beijing, and gave life to the Villusso project. The goal is to gather different experiences, merge them and create precious collective projects, in which every single artefact expresses the joint work of Italian designers and craftsmen.

Parquet has always been synonymous with indoor sports, in particular with disciplines such as basketball, volleyball or five-a-side football, with millions of facilities, practitioners and fans all over the world. Giorio thus chooses to specialise also in the field of sports flooring and launches the Adisport brand on the market, which immediately stands out for the quality and performance offered to the athletes who tread it.

The Giorio company and wine

 Mr. Pierino Giorio’s passion for wood, combined with the strong innovative drive of his son Alessandro, have led to constant monitoring on the latest news offered by the market.

Cellars, more and more, have become meeting and entertainment places in our area, where tourism is constantly growing. Many wine producers are renovating their cellars by building tasting rooms that are real exhibition spaces with attention to every detail. And here comes Giorio. Thanks to the exclusive on brands of guaranteed reliability, reduced delivery and laying times, the possibility of site inspections by competent technicians and the support of an internal staff prepared and available, this company offers tailor-made solutions that are suitable for every need.

These are the main strengths of the Montà d’Alba company, together with the experience in the distribution of wooden floors: «We firmly believe in the need to follow our customers step by step, from choosing the most suitable product to their needs , to the cleaning and maintenance of the same over time, establishing a relationship of trust that goes far beyond simple commercial negotiations ».

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