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Romantic tour between Langhe and Roero, through the Romantic road.

The Langhe and Roero are a mosaic of infinite landscapes.

Impossible to embrace them in a single glance: better to discover them one at a time, following routes that allow, little by little, to rebuild an entire universe.

The Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero, created by the Langhe Roero Leader as part of the Leader Plus Community Initiative, is inspired by this approach: to describe a landscape that is both unique and multifaceted through aspects that, by tradition or suggestion, they know how to evoke the overall spirit.

Eleven stages take center stage. A plot of stories and memories declined through eleven themes, from man’s relationship with his land to popular traditions, to more recent history, through which to interpret the territory, recognizing an invaluable heritage.

The Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero is designed to offer tourists an original visit experience, but respectful of the rhythms and spirit of the territory thanks to the panoramic points of the Road, designed to fully enjoy the landscape that hosts them.

At the top of the hills or in the shadow of ancient towers, visitors will find suggestions to continue their journey: the information scenes, called to provide details on the tourist attractions of the surroundings and the panoramic memorial stone, a series of panels that, recalling the sinuous shape of the surrounding hills, they suggest the interpretation of the territory according to the theme assigned to each stage, offering an original way for tourists to get to know the territory in depth, almost to “impregnate” themselves with the stories and suggestions told.

Places to stop and observe, the eleven panoramic points invite visitors to give themselves some time, the solitary reading of a book, a chat with friends: here is the discreet presence of the talking tree, one of the aspects more poetic than the setting, which entrusts its leaves with the story of the territory through literary passages, and the “romantic bench” for tourists to stop, designed for a comfortable couple’s seat and made of metal treated with an annealing and worked process eyelet to infuse lightness to the product.

Step by step, accompanied by some of the most fascinating panoramas in the world, you will come into contact with the jewels of this land: its lush wine production, truffles and hazelnuts, but also its centuries-old traditions, the little gems of architecture rural that adorn villages and slopes, the evidence of the feudal era made of castles and towers, the sumptuous residences that peep out from the most suggestive peaks.

The Romantic Road of the Langhe and Roero is a journey, a physical and emotional journey: over one hundred kilometres of roads and paths set in a landscape with irresistible charm, infinite emotions to live and as many suggestions, including literary, to be savoured to read and interpret the spirit of a territory.

The route starts from Vezzad’Alba and continues through the municipalities of Magliano Alfieri, Neive, Treiso, TrezzoTinella, Benevello, Sinio, Cissone, Murazzano, Mombarcaro and Camerana.

It consists of 11 stages, with about 130 kilometres of scenic roads, 30 naturalistic excursions and 300 literary ideas.

Privileged observation points on the natural and human landscape of Langhe and Roero, the panoramic points are set up to convey the spirit of the territory in which they are immersed: at the centre of the scene a talking tree narrates memories and literary charms, while scenography scenes tell stories and secrets of these lands and a “romantic” bench offers an original couple seat.

From here new ideas for further paths, physical and spiritual, to learn about monuments and legends, historical characters and popular myths, products of the earth and man’s work.

Those who reach the Langhe and Roero, attracted by their food and wine tradition – great wines, truffles, famous recipes and unmistakable flavours – are surprised by the breath-taking panoramas, open on intact territories and unchanged over time which, not surprisingly, are candidates to be protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

These are the 11 stages, which can be reached by taking the state, provincial or municipal roads with your own car:

  1. Vezzad’Alba
  2. Magliano Alfieri
  3. Neive
  4. Treiso
  5. TrezzoTinella
  6. Benevello
  7. Sinio
  8. Cissone
  9. Murazzaro
  10. Mombarcaro
  11. Camerana

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