Roero land: Monticello d’Alba

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Monticello d’Alba is located on the left bank of the Tanaro, in the Roero area, 11 km from the city of Alba.

A village at the top of the central Roero, it enjoys an excellent view dominated by the bulk of the castle of the Roero counts, and is characterized by a historic centre from the Middle Ages and by a network of paths that winds and reaches the adjacent municipalities.

 In Monticello d’Alba the game of ball punch is practiced (better known as elastic ball). The PolisportivaMonticellese club plays in several youth leagues and in the top Serie A championship. Monticello’s team has twice been champion of Italy with its captain Alberto Sciorella. Even in the youth categories twice PolisportivaMonticellese has won the title of champion of Italy with its captain Massimo Vacchetti.


The history of the town is closely linked to the Roero family, who had a Monticello fiefdom in 1376 and built the castle today, still inhabited today. The origins of the village can be traced back to the ancient Romans. Information relating to the early Middle Ages is scarce, while it is known that since 1241 the town has passed from the protection of the bishop of Asti to that of the Malabaila family. In 1250 the village was destroyed following the wars between Alba and Asti, being then rebuilt on the occasion of the passage to the Roero, which took place in 1376 at the behest of Pope Gregory XI.


THE CASTLE. Considered among the most imposing and best preserved medieval castle buildings in Piedmont. In a splendid elevated position, it was rebuilt by the Malabaila family between 1342 and 1348, with two full-height towers, battlements and patrol walkway.

Sold to the Roero family (to which it still belongs) it underwent some restructuring changes, maintaining the fascinating medieval appearance.

S.PONZIO. Parish church rebuilt in the seventeenth century, it preserves the fourteenth-century bell tower.

PARISH CHURCH OF SAN PONZIO. Located in the cemetery of the Villa hamlet, it is an ancient parish church dedicated to San Ponzio, which preserves Roman remains and proto-romantic frescoes from the first half of the 11th century.

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