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The Mondovì Carnival is one of the most representative in the Cuneo area, where traditional masks, the Moro and the Bela Monregaleisa, take the keys to the city and kick off the masked celebrations.

In this year’s edition, Carlevè ‘d Mondvì expands and doubles the party evenings: there will in fact be six evening food and wine events scheduled at the new and unpublished Cà del Moro, which will open at the Mondovicino Commercial Park.

In addition to the traditional gala dinner and the “Cena dei Lombardi”, scheduled for Saturday 15th and Thursday 20th February respectively, four other events, all organized in Piazza Giovanni Jemina, at the Mondovicino Commercial Park.

From the inauguration of Saturday 1st February to the first big news, the masked dinner on Saturday 8th February, up to the absolute surprise represented by the appointment on Friday 14 February, for the evening of Valentine’s Day. Great closure scheduled for Saturday 22nd February, when the Corte del Moro will heat the environment in view of the second and last parade of the Carlevè.

The event will begin on February 1st with the presentation of the Bela Monregaleisa and which will continue with the parades of allegorical floats and masked groups, scheduled for February 16th and 23rd.

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Carnival in Mondovì

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