A look on Turin: Gorgonzola PDO festival in Cavallermaggiore

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For the fifth edition, the appointments double and you can enjoy new website www.gorgonzolacavallermaggiore.it is online

Cavallermaggiore doubles: the Pro Loco, the municipal administration and the Biraghi Spa company – main sponsor of the event – greeted 2020 with the announcement of the new edition of the Gorgonzola Festival, an appointment on the gastronomic and fair calendar of the Granda province constantly on the rise. With the new year, Cavallermaggiore made its entrance in the parterre of municipalities in the ATL of the Cuneo area, further proof of the desire for growth and promotion of the territory.

It was 2016 when the then president of the Pro Loco Valentino Piacenza and the councillor for events Davide Sannazzaro (current Mayor of the city) decided to present the ambitious event created by the local tourist association: a festival focused on the dairy product of excellence of a company that is an integral part of the modern history of Cavallermaggiore. Three dinners with dishes categorically based on Gorgonzola Biraghi PDO, from appetizers to second, and a market fair Sunday to relaunch the “Fiera della Pioppella” which over the years had lost its vigour.

A good response in numerical terms, which laid the foundations for subsequent editions: first with the president Margherita Alocco and then with the three-year mandate of Emanuele Testa, assisted by a large group of young people from the town. Just under Testa’s leadership, the management of the gastronomic events of the Festival passed to the Picchio Rosso di Roata Chiusani catering, good at knowing how to mix not only the ingredients but also the young and very young waiters of the city, called to serve as volunteers during the event. .

The 2019 edition reached excellent numbers in terms of audience, but above all it convinced the organizers of the goodness of their project. The trust and commitment of the managers led to the drafting of a richer and longer-lasting event calendar, with – for the first time – the interest of 2 different weekends.

Location unchanged but larger: in addition to the municipal wing, a real nerve center for city events, Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II will also host a heated tensile structure measuring 30×10 meters. which will serve more than two thousand diners for lunches and dinners (strictly by reservation) entirely based on Gorgonzola PDO Biraghi.

Regardless of the bad luck, on Friday 17th April the Festival will open its doors with the first Gorgonzola Dinner, followed by the crew of DJ braidesi “Tuttofuffa” will animate the party until late at night.

Same format for Saturday 18th April, with Gorgonzola dinner and performance of the “Wildboys”, a trio specializing in Rockabilly, a genre that combines rock, jazz, blues and boogie boogie.

Sunday, April 19th, the first appointment of the Fiera di San Giorgio: the exhibition counters will be located along the central via Roma starting from 9.00 in the morning and will continue until 19.00. Also confirmed for this edition is the “Piazza dello Street food”, where characteristic trucks will administer Gorgonzola-based dishes throughout the day.

The collaboration was also confirmed by the CNOSFAP Savigliano, a Salesian higher education institute, whose students in addition to guaranteeing the service as waiters will participate in Sunday events with a stand where the hot focaccia at Gorgonzola will be cooked, much appreciated in past editions.

The official inauguration is scheduled at 11.00 am:  Ilenia Arnolfo, Sky journalist, will do the honours again, who will conduct the interventions planned before the cutting of the ribbon in the presence of local authorities and official refreshments. From 12.30 pm Gorgonzola lunch under the tensile structure. However, those who delay in booking will have nothing to fear: the city’s restaurateurs will set up an ad hoc menu for the event where, needless to say, the gorgonzola will be the master.

In the afternoon musical entertainment starting at 16.00 on the stage in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II: to date the Bandakadabra has been announced, an eclectic musical group fresh from the performance of the talent X Factor and used to limestone important theatres around Italy. Not only food, therefore, but also music (always free and free admission shows) and art: Giovanni Botta, aka the “Folle della Bic”, will set up an exhibition of his wooden blow-ups depicting famous people, made exclusively with Bic pens and stretches of bianchetto. The exhibition will be dedicated in particular to large female figures who made the history of the 20th and 21st centuries, and will be set up in the setting of the Church of San Rocco.

The Church of the Battuti Bianchi will also be open to the public, returned to its former glory thanks to the restoration works that have engaged it in recent years, used for the occasion as the backdrop for the photographic exhibition / competition curated by the chivalrous Andrea Bellino, and focused on the theme of travel.

Friday 24th April Gorgonzola dinner awaiting the musical performance of the histrionic Tury Megazeppa, resident DJ of the historic Turin disco Supermarket and synonymous with animation over the top.

Saturday 25th April Gorgonzola dinner and more music with the performance of the Turin folk band of Calembour, already appreciated guests of the 2019 edition and strongly desired by the organizers.

Sunday 26th April second Sunday of the San Giorgio Fair with display counters and street food trucks active from 9.00.

At 11.00 am at the premises of the municipal wing there will be a tasting (limited places, registration at number 371-4800483) of cheeses from Cavalleriamaggioresi: in addition to the main sponsor Biraghi, the Persia and Vighetto dairies will also intervene with their products. The meeting will be coordinated by ONAF, the National Organization of Cheese Tasters, which will propose participants with combinations of craft beers from Cuneo.

After the Gorgonzola lunch at 12.30, the performance of emerging bands from the province begins, with a leading musical group – whose name will be announced in the coming weeks to close the day.

Many defined events and others to be announced, but staying up to date will not be difficult: in addition to the Pro Loco Cavallermaggiore Facebook page and official event, the www.gorgonzolacavallermaggiore.it website will be active from today, where you can find all the news and book the own participation in lunches and dinners.

For reservations, you can also call or send a message on WhatsApp to the number 371.4800483 or an email to info@gorgonzolacavallermaggiore.it, indicating the day of interest, the number of people and any food intolerances.

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