Municipalities of the Alta Langa: Arguello

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In Langa, Arguello è conosciuta come il paese del cuculo perché la quiete e la tranquillità è tale da permettere di sentirne il canto.

The country, with its 200 inhabitants, is one of the smallest Italian municipalities and consists of a handful of houses around the parish church dedicated to the Guardian Angels.


Arguello has a thousand-year history behind it. Dominating the Belbo Valley, it had considerable commercial and strategic importance, given that it was a gateway to Via Magistra Langarum, a Roman-era road that connected Alba Pompeia to the Ligurian Sea.

To protect the village, as evidenced by a painting present in the Church of San Frontiniano, a watchtower now collapsed stood out from the highest point of the hill (which is still called “castel”).


The church of San Frontiniano

The church of the Santi Angeli Custodi

The church of the dedicated to the Guardian Angels was built in the first decade of the XVIII century and it was reconstructed on the same site after the damages of the earthquake of 1887. Located where the current centre of Arguello arises, it became the parish church, replacing the old church of San Frontiniano, which had been the religious centre for the previous five centuries. It has a tiled roof and only one nave with two lateral altars, the barrel vault was repainted in 1993.

The church of San Frontiniano

The church of San Frontiniano dates to the XII century; it was built by the Benedectine monks coming from the San Frontiniano Abbey near Alba. It has been the parish church for five centuries, in fact it is located in the original centre of the village: the nowadays Borgata “Arditau”. Here an ancient Roman stele has been found and it is conserved in the municipalities rooms.

The votive pillar of San Giuseppe

The votive pillar dedicated to San Giuseppe is located on the ancient road to the village; today you can reach it though Borgata “Grup”, on the path to frazione Cerrata. With a little barrel vault and a roof of stones and tiles, it celebrates the Holy Family.

The path of the cuckoo

Departure: Tre Cunei
Journey time: four hours.
Difference in altitude: 170 m (Bric S. Michele 722m – borgata Giamesi 552 m).
Signage: red “drop”.

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