Municipalities of the Alta Langa: Benevello

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Benevello (Benevel in Piedmontese) is an Italian town of 478 inhabitants, whose name comes from the Latin Benevellum: good defence, bulwark.


We do not have information about the foundation of the country. A first trace of the village dates back to 1200, when its passage under the ownership of the Marquis del Carretto, an important lord of Cortemilia, is documented. In 1631 with the Treaty of Cherasco, Benevello became part of the possessions of Vittorio Amedeo 1st of Savoy . The castle, built on the top of the hill on which the town center stands, was born as a fortification and was built by the brothers Simonino and Pietro on commission of the Falletti marquises in the 14th century. In the numerous changes of ownership it underwent many alterations that made it lose its defensive military characteristics, transforming it into a noble country residence. In 1881 it was purchased by Blessed Fa di Bruno with the aim of creating a female college for the professional training of poor girls from Langa and later as a female pensioner, under the management of the Suffragio nuns. Since 1984 he has been occupied by a community for the recovery of ex-drug addicts of Don Piero Gelmini who immediately found the country’s welcome.

In recent years, Benevello has been able to flourish creating a lively artisan economy that has flanked the traditional agricultural vocation concentrated in the calf breeding sector.

Equally interesting is the tourist aspect both for the extraordinary window on Piedmont that opens walking through the town, for the neighbouring paths, and for the sports and food and wine offers.


There are two panoramic paths among the countryside of the village: they are immersive in the nature with a unique landscape. 

The first one starts in Via Roma and goes towards regione Castellengo, developing around the village for about 1,5km.
The second one starts in the provincial road to Bossolasco, in regione Belmondo, runs along the ridge and goes back to the same road after 2km. The paths are signalled and are suitable for all people.

Typical products

  • The WHITE BEAN, called “Gigante di Spagna” (lit. The Giant of Spain), has reached an important production in Benevello, thanks to the good climate conditions. The complexity of its processing is always a challenge for the farmers.
  • The GENTLE ROUND HAZELNUT. This product loves the soil and the climate of the Langhe and for this reason here there is such a big production here. It has recently obtained PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) certificate and this confirms the excellent productions of hazelnut cake and nougat.
  • The WHITE TRUFFLE. There is little to say about this noble product; it is contended by people for its perfume, its taste and its benefits. It cannot be cultivated and the few areas where it grows are very important place of income for the owners
  • BREEDING: Benevello is one of the few villages in the Langa where the predisposition for raising calves has remained. There are numerous stables that have preserved the link with the “beasts” that have characterized all the farmers of the Langa. In addition, the cattle fair is held here during the patronal feast.

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