Municipalities of the Alta Langa: Levice

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Located at the intersection of the road that descends to the Bormida valley floor and the provincial road that connects Bergolo and Prunetto.

Levice is a small village on the hills that dominate the Bormida river, it does not preserve important monuments from its past.

However the baroque church of Sant’Antonio Abate is very characteristic and deserves to be visited.

Of the ancient castle, which was supposed to be quite imposing, few ruins remain, placed at the top of the village, composed of old and characteristic houses, overlooking narrow and winding alleys.

Located at the intersection of the road that descends to the Bormida valley floor and the provincial road that connects Bergolo and Prunetto, the church dedicated to San Rocco is probably of late medieval origin, built just outside the village.

There is no documentation except the date (1632) relating to the construction of the altar still present today. The works to adapt the wall structure are probably from the same period. The building was recently the subject of recovery works that brought to light the stone structure. Very simple from an architectural point of view, the chapel is composed of a single rectangular hall without decorations.

In the semi-circular apsidal part, it has its most precious particularity. In fact, the entire surface is covered by a cycle of frescoes, datable between the end of the fifteenth and the beginning of the sixteenth century, depicting the Madonna Enthroned with Child, San Sebastiano, San Rocco, San Giuseppe, Santa Lucia, identifiable for the written in Latin. Above we find the figure of the blessing Christ.

Unfortunately neglected for decades, the fresco needs restoration and endows worrying cracks.

For the visit it is necessary to ask for permission (and keys) in the parish.

The patronal feast is celebrated in August.


In the past it was a fief of the Marquises of Savona and then, like many villages in the Bormida Valley, it passed under the Del Carretto family, a branch of the family known as Spigno, from which many other branches emerged. “Levice (1138 ab.). Sta in poggio, alladestradellaBormida. Parrocchiale di Sant’Antonio abate del 1002, rifabbricatanel 1766, di bellaarchitettura, a trenavate, con un bel dipinto del santo, un altroquadro di rarabellezza assai lodatodagliintelligenti, e con davantiunapiazzettarettangolare. Congregazione di carità. Nella parte piùelevata del colleappartenentealle Langhe vedonsigliavanzi di un antico castello. Grano, meliga, legname, vini, castagne e bozzoli”

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