Municipalities of the Alta Langa: Pavesian itinerary in Santo Stefano Belbo

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A path to Santo Stefano Belbo in memory of Cesare Pavese.

The itinerary starts from the little station of Santo Stefano Belbo, where on the facade a plaque in memory of Cesare Pavese reads: “I felt the train arrive among the peaches and fill the valley”

Go along a small stretch of the ballast along the railway, when you reach the level crossing, cross it and take the asphalt road of the geldings on the right, go up until you reach the Vedetta house, a fantastic panoramic point on the Belbo valley and on the hill of Moncucco Mari del Sud.

Leave the asphalted road to turn left on a path that crosses before the vineyards, then enter a small wooded area and again among the vineyards, to reach the asphalted road of the Bauda hill. Continue until you reach the crossroads, where turning to the left begins a stretch of beaten concrete that then continues with a dirt road through the vineyards, to reach Cascina Cantero at the top of the hill. Once in front of the farmhouse, turn right along the path that crosses a wooded stretch.

At the exit of this small wood, you can see the old Contini tower on the left and an overview of Canelli. At this point you go down to reach a dirt road that leads to cross the paved road that from Canelli goes up to the Nest.

For the return journey, go back over the short stretch of dirt road to take the path that, halfway up the hill of Bassano, crosses an area of ​​vineyards. On the left you can see, beyond the Belbo, the Gaminella hill. Continuing along the Salto hill you reach the state road that leads from Canelli to Santo Stefano Belbo, where the Pavesian places are located: the Mora, the Salto and the house of Nuto.

The route is palinated and marked with two white and red rectangles.

Useful information:

• Path length: 8 km

• Executable: by mountain bike and on foot

• Place of departure: Santo Stefano Belbo station

• Place of arrival: Il Salto – Santo Stefano Belbo

• Optimal season: spring, summer, autumn

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