Municipalities of the Alta Langa: Pezzolo Valle Uzzone

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In the valley of the Uzzone river Pezzolo is a beautiful town of low, quiet and peaceful houses.

In the valley of the Uzzone river Pezzolo is a beautiful town of low, quiet and peaceful houses. The most interesting historical evidence can be found in the higher villages, towards the ridge that divides the valley from the Savonese hinterland.

The Municipality of Pezzolo Valle Uzzone is certainly one of the richest in testimonies of the past, in particular for the numerous country chapels scattered over its large territory. However, we recommend a visit not so much to a single monument as to a small historical center that has survived to this day almost intact, even if “thanks to” a very strong depopulation.

It is Gorrino, currently a fraction of a few souls but in the past an autonomous municipality, which preserves the beautiful church dedicated to St. Peter on the square. It is dominated by the bulk of the castle, to which it is connected by a covered passage that allowed nobles to attend sacred functions without having to get confused with the common people.

By carefully observing the walls of the castle you can observe different phases of the construction, originally born for defense needs and then transformed into a residence.

Suggestive is the short lane that allows you to cross the whole town and then, once you exit the “cold door”, to reach the arch of the main entrance again.

The hamlet of Todocco is well known, where there is a famous sanctuary which, according to devotion, was erected precisely at the point where the Madonna appeared to a shepherdess performing the miracle of her recovery. Pilgrimages are also numerous due to the pleasant landscape, which allows walks in the countryside.

The patronal feast in honor of the Virgin takes place in Todocco on the second Sunday of July, while in the village it falls on the second Sunday of August.

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