Municipalities of the Alta Langa: San Benedetto Belbo

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Most likely its origins can be traced back to the presence of a Benedictine monastery.

Stretched on a small hilly slope 600 meters high, it has an ancient stone door, with the Del Carretto coat of arms, and a medieval bridge over the Belbo, upstream of the town.

Most likely its origins can be traced back to the presence of a Benedictine monastery, built in the early 1000s, which had the function of evangelizing populations and at the same time spreading agricultural techniques.

From an architectural point of view, it is necessary to point out the church of the Madonna della Neve and that of the Confraternity.

From the remains of the ancient fortifications, the gaze sweeps over the Serbian and Lake Verne, where you can spend pleasant hours in the greenery and in absolute relaxation.

The town hosted Beppe Fenoglio for many periods of his life: therefore the civic library is dedicated to him.

The patronal feast in honor of San Placido takes place in September.

The town contains a heritage of traditions: the Mic├╣n, a ritual of blessing and distribution of the bread linked to the religious celebrations of Holy Thursday, attests to the unbreakable bond with the centuries-old presence of the Benedictine monks.

The musical tradition of San Benedetto, founded on the passion for choral singing, today lives again in San Benedetto with an event that in July celebrates the instrument par excellence of Langa music, the accordion, of which the memory of the great San Benedetto reliu is still vibrant Fazzone Aurelio, minstrel who cheered every Langa festival for fifty years.

Among the environmental treasures, the woods of San Benedetto play a particularly important role in the forest landscape of the Langhe. In addition to the exceptional presence of the evergreen oak (Quercus crenata), a rare hybrid between Turkey oak and holm oak, rare herbaceous and suffruticose plants of the undergrowth are preserved in the cool valleys on the right side of the Belbo.

The Belbo torrent in San Benedetto has been identified by the Piedmont Region as a biotope of regional interest with the denomination “The Belbo torrent and the Verne Lake”.

Under the thick blanket of the branches of the black alders that close in the gallery, the fresh waters of the stream flow in a stony bed between sandstone blocks covered with moss and host uncommon species of dragonflies, the sanguinerola (a small fish of fresh and clean waters ) and the famous freshwater crayfish of the Belbo now properly protected.

Among the ornithic fauna, night heron is often sighted near the banks of Lake Verne.

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