Municipalities of the Alta Langa: Torre Bormida

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The town was founded in pre-Roman times by the Ligurian Stazielli.

Torre Bormida (Tor Bormia in Piedmontese) is an Italian town of 173 inhabitants in the province of Cuneo, in Piedmont.

To characterize the steep territory on which the village is located are terraces supported by flat stone walls typical of the area. The Dolcetto vineyards and all the other crops are located on these small plains, recovered from the hills.

The town was founded in pre-Roman times by the Ligurian Stazielli; it was perhaps they who erected the ancient tower, from which the name of the village originates.

The most important families of the area competed for the fief which enjoyed a strategic position.

The parish church dedicated to Maria Assunta is of artistic interest: located in the only town square, it is a majestic building, also for the comparison with the few houses, in rustic local stone, that surround it. Very little remains of the original structure dating back to 1593: the current forms are the result of a reconstruction of 1890, with a project that recalls the Baroque. Inside there are some beautiful paintings from different eras and the high altar, in marble, topped with a canvas depicting the Assumption.

Curious the church dedicated to San Luigi, where, in an adjoining room, people infected during the epidemics were once hospitalized.

The main festival takes place in mid-August.

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