Municipalities of the AltaLanga: Igliano

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Outside the village there are interesting religious buildings

Igliano counts less than 100 inhabitants scattered among various villages populate this small town in the MonregaleseLanga.

At the centre of the hilly amphitheatre stands the parish church of Sant’Andrea, on whose external walls an ancient Roman tombstone is set.

This and other findings suggest that the town dates back at least to Roman times.

Outside the village there are interesting religious buildings, such as the church of S. Ludovico (16th century) and the chapel of S. Sebastiano, with frescoed interior.

Among the events that animate the life of the country, the “Appointment in the woods”, which is held every year on the first Sunday of August, should be mentioned.

Just outside the inhabited centre there is an old mansion renovated and converted into a hotel with an adjoining restaurant, perhaps the best known thing about this village.

A modern restaurant, a garden with rustic stone, a delightful lawn with charmingly designed sitting areas.

 Charlotte and Jérôme make you feel at home at the “Piemontesine”. The landlady is originally from Igliano and after many years spent in France –  with her husband in great kitchens – the desire to return to the origins was so great that they opened this gourmet jewel completed by some rooms equipped with all modern comforts and services.

The menu is a decidedly successful marriage between these hills and the French tradition.

The Mediterranean is known to feel overwhelming and the contaminations are spot on.

Dishes such as saffron sea tajarin, barzotto egg with black truffle, tarte tatin, numerous types of sourdough yeast bread, Normandy butter …

 From the small but interesting cellar I would consider the DoglianiBriccoCastigliadeiPoderi La Collina and the dry vinified Brachetto “La Tia” of Cascina Bertolotto, two references on the subject.

The name “Le Piemontesine” comes from the song that Charlotte’s dad loved to listen to in memory of his homeland … “remember those evenings spent at Valentino with the blonde student …”

A village to visit, at least for a Sunday trip!

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