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More than half a century after its foundation, the Cantina Alice Bel Colle has undergone a marked evolution: today this is the place where was born the excellence suitable to dominate the market, but it is also a special engine for research and development, thanks to the constant attention to the innovation technology. The winery, surrounded all round by a breath-taking vineyard landscapes of Barbera, Moscato and Bracchetto, counts hundred wine-maker partners, whose aim is to enhance the strong wine identity of the Alto Monferrato Acquese.


Grape types
Barbera d’Asti.

Fermentation is carried out in wooden tanks.

12 months in big French wooden barriques and then other additional 12 months in bottles.

Ruby red colour with grenade reflections; wide and complex scent, with notes of red fruits, violets, jam and spices; warm at taste, great harmony and well balanced, fresh in the end.

Fresh pasta with meat or mushrooms sauce, red meat or game, blue-cheeses or seasoned and spiced ones.

Service temperature
18°C (65 °F)

About… Barbera.

Respecting the Piedmont history and tradition, “Alix” is a concentrate, powerful and well balanced wine, which presents a fruity taste with wooden notes. This wine is a proudly flag of the entire country, which is represented at its best with a summary of the finest grapes of the area.

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