Alta Langa Brut Nature DOCG “Pas Dosé”

Giulio Cocchi

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The winery has inherited its liveliness from its founder, Giulio Cocchi, who has always dedicated his life looking for quality. Thanks to him, today, this winery is appreciated and famous in five continents. The Cocchi’s style is defined by authenticity and simplicity: these two qualities are the fundamental ingredients to produce this wine, along with a centenary experience, passion and creativity.


Grape types
Pinot nero.

Into small steel vats for three weeks.

The aging sur lattes (on wooden pallets) and the «prise de mousse», literally ‘capturing the sparkle’ last 60 months.

Main features
Golden yellow colour with a fine and persistent perlage; elegant scent with candied citrus, honey, toasted hazelnuts and marzipan notes; the taste is sapid and dry such as the Pas Dosè, fresh and persistent, it reminds the Langhe hazelnuts and candied fruits maintaining a good balance.

Fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

Service temperature
8 – 10° C (46° F-50° F)


The Alta Langa AOCG is the dry sparkling of Piedmont par excellence. It has a very long story: it was the first contained production wine produced following the classical method in Italy, already at the beginning of the XIX century, in the “Cattedrali Sotterranee” (underground cathedrals), which tosay are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is produced using black Pinot grapes and chardonnay, pure or in variable percentage; it can be white or rosé, dry or pas Dosé and it has a very long aging periods, as provided by the rigorous discipline which states “30 months at least”.

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