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The Gaja winery was founded in 1859 in Barbaresco, in the heart of the Langhe and it has always been recognised as one of the name associated to the Barbaresco production. From the founder Giovanni up to Angelo Gaja, this family has been able to dominate in the international wine market thanks to a fundamental recipe: the pursuit of quality.


Grape types

Grapes are cultivated with great attention and respect, choosing only the best bunches to guarantee the maximum result possible. Once harvested and vinified, they are subjected to a double aging process.

12 months in wooden barrels and then an additional year in a bigger barrel.

Main features
Ruby red tending to grenade; deep scent, characterised by balsamic resins and dark chocolate, with notes of blueberry, strawberry, raspberry and cherry; the taste is intense thanks to the long lasting freshness of tannin.

Meat and seasoned cheeses.

Service temperature
18 °C – 20 °C (65 °F – 68 °F)

About… Barbaresco.

Barbaresco is a brillant and intense wine, its colour varies from red to garnet and it has a stimulating bouquet of fragrances. The vine is 100% Nebbiolo. The minimum ageing period is 24 months, 12 of those it is stored in oak or chestnut barrels. Barbaresco aged more than 4 years can bears the additional label “Riserva”. The area of production includes the whole territory of Barbaresco, Treiso and Neive and the hamlet of San Rocco Seno d’Elvio in the municipality of Alba.

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