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The cellar of Castelnuovo Don Bosco is particularly renowned for the production of Freisa and Malvasia di Castelnuovo, but among the typical productions of the reference territory there are also Albugnano (nebbiolo), Bonarda and Cari. The visit of the winery, from the old original body to the more recent spaces in which elegant stainless steel fermentation tanks dominate, includes a journey through the various phases that lead from the earth to the vine, from grapes to wine. It is in Castelnuovo, in fact, that the grapes harvested by the members are given and it is here that the selection and processing take place that will lead to the production of the different wines. In the basement part of the cellar there are the aging rooms in barrels, tonneaux and barriques; the barrel room lends itself well to making a suggestive scenario for the tastings of the numerous wines of Terre dei Santi.


Grape types

Refinement not needed.

Main features
Intense ruby ​​red colour with violet reflections; the nose is fruity, slightly spicy floral with hints of violet and black pepper; in the mouth it is full-bodied, dry, sapid, fresh and pleasant to the palate.

Traditional Piedmontese dishes such as risotto with Barbera, agnolotti di carne, mixed boiled meats and medium-aged tome.

Service temperature
18-20° C (60-64° F)

About… Barbera.
Typical Piedmontese wine par excellence, in recent years it has been revalued thanks to a good job in the vineyard that has exalted its qualities. The grapes that give rise to this wine come from the hills surrounding San Damiano d’Asti called Colline Alfieri. These hills, due to their conformation and the nature of the terrain, give the Barbera a surprising harmony that makes it pleasant as early as the year following the harvest.

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