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The Hotel Castello is an exclusive place, located in the middle of the Roero area and from its position dominates more than 60 kilometres of UNESCO territory.

In the eighteenth-century the Castle was built at the behest of Carlo Giacinto Roero, who makes his dream came true: in fact he wanted a wonderful, new  and well-furnished place to live, surrounded by gardens.

Today the castle is still untouched, as well as all the works of art it contains and it has become also an exclusive hotel, special stage in the itinerary to discover the  Piedmontese Barocco.

The hotel has 12 rooms: 8 located at third floor, named with the historical characters names and 4 at ground floor. All the rooms are provided with prestigious marble bathrooms and have been restored according to the original planimetry, respecting the decorations. The silk and velvet tapestries have been installed on the walls thanks to special looms, as well as it was used to do in the patrician residences in the past centuries. Period furnishings are mostly original.

You will find here a noble eighteenth-century atmosphere and at the same time the most technological nowadays comforts. Each rooms is provided with  LED TV, safe deposit box, minibar, Wi-Fi connection, but here you can also enjoy a hairdressing, massage and beautician service.

Those who will stay in the Chinese Rooms, happily decorated with “Chinese charts”, will find canopy beds and perfectly conserved eighteenth-century tapestries, which were imported from the Orient.

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Castello di Guarene Hotel

Via Alessandro Roero, 2 – 12050 Guarene
Tel: +39 0173 441332 / Fax: +39 0173 228449

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