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The Pico Maccario winery, run by the Pico and Vitaliano brothers, was founded in 1997 in Mombaruzzo on a 70-hectare estate with a single body in the heart of the Barbera d’Asti Aocg. The rose has always been the symbol of the company: 4500 single-clone rose plants make the walk among the rows a unique experience.


Grape types

After a delicate crushing, the maturation lasts about 10-12 days.

It is carried out in small French durmast barrels for 12-14 months.

Intense ruby red; the scent is complex with noted of fruits, vanilla and a slightly woody; the taste is balanced between acidity and tannic.

Game, braised and stewed meats.

Service temperature
16-18 °C (61° F-65 °F)

About… Barbera.

Barbera is among the most representative vines of Piedmont and covers about 30% of the 43,000 hectares of vineyard area of ​​the region. Originally from Monferrato, the vine is cultivated mainly in the provinces of Asti and Alessandria, where it reaches its maximum expression in Barbera d’Asti, a wine that obtained the Aoc in 1970 and the Aocg in 2008. Barbera d’Asti is a wine linked to the ancient rural traditions that today represents a product in continuous evolution, which grows following the new knowledge in the vinicultural and oenological field.

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