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This restaurant is the ideal place for all those who are looking for a fine cuisine with intense flavours and special pairings, which are the chef’s philosophy.

Amon the hills of the Roero, precisely at the feet of the Guarene borough, there is a place whose address you should conserve with love. It is an ancient tavern, which have been transformed in a nice and cosy restaurant thanks to the ability and the professionalism of Davide Odore, a young and stubborn chef, who made the excellence the most important values of his cuisine. “Io e Luna” is a polyhedral restaurant which conquers thanks to an emotional cuisine made of  impressive flavours, suggestive recipes whiche give you special emotions at first sight and at first taste!

Davide, chef and owner of the restaurant, counts among his experiences in various starred restaurants the important role of Executive Chef of the Luxury Restaurant & Spa Castello di Guarene, one of the most fascinating and important historical residences of the Piedmont Region.

Davide Odore’s cuisine is a sensory journey made of pleasant discoveries. Ecstasy and amazement in dishes that are the perfect combination of tradition, research and innovation.

The innovation represents a way to express the past, but using new and innovative preparation techniques. “Io e la Luna” offers recipes which tell the tradition, the Langhe and Roero territories with the right amount of creativity. You can enjoy, in fact, an appetizer on the beautiful terrace; or to visit the well-supplied winery, which is open at all hours and contemporary you can choose to have a tasting experience…And then, why not to try the take-away patisserie? It offers delights for the eyes and tantalizes the palate.

The staff is composed of Giacoma, who manage the patisserie and the restaurant service along with Daniele. Davide is the king of the kitchen, he does not like to appear on the public scenes, he prefers to dedicate himself to the high- handcraft  creations and to the selection of the products to be always ready to innovate and amaze the costumers. At “Io e Luna” the real protagonists are the respect of the seasonality and the high-quality products!

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"Io e Luna" Restaurant

Fraz. Montebello, 1 – 12050 Guarene
Tel. +39.0173.611724 Cell. +39.346.6141954

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