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Just few kilometres from Canelli, in Regione Sant’Antonio, in the middle of one of the most astonishing landscape in Piedmont, as celebrated by the writer Cesare Pavese, you will find the “Casa in Collina”, which reminds a typical farmhouse.

This fascinating building has been handed down generation after generation by the Amerio family; the house is surrounded by Moscato vineyards and here you can enjoy an aristocratic and peaceful atmosphere.

The “Casa in collina” has recently been restored valorising the ancient structure to offer the visitors a noble and harmonic atmosphere.

The elegance of furniture is enhanced thanks to bricks and wrought iron. The six rooms are large and each one is different from another, they are painted in different colours (red, beige, green, blue, yellow and white), which leads the visitor to find harmony and to relax. Some of the rooms have stone walls and all are furnished with Piedmontese antiquities with elegant and fine rugs. Peace and relax are guaranteed.

For breakfast the farmhouse offers everyday a buffet with selected local products.

You can choose among:

• Local cheeses (tuma delle Langhe, Bra tenero, Bra duro, toma morbida, …)
• Sausage,  cotto and raw ham (produced by local artisans)
• Juice
• Light or fruit yogurt 
• Croissants, cakes and biscuits  (rigorously handcrafted products)
• Jams
• Fresh fruits
• Toasted, white and whole wheat bread
• Coffee, cappuccino, tea and chocolate

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La Casa in Collina - Azienda Agricola e Agriturismo

Reg. S. Antonio, 54 – 14053 Canelli (Asti)
Tel. +39 0141822827

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