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Cà dei Mandorli is the extreme synthesis of quality, tradition and family. This winery reserves the same attention to the family and to the land; the Ricagno family consider its wines as a result of a hard and passionate work. Paolo, the great grandfather, used to say: “a glass of wine should tell an important story” and this quote represents exactly what this family do every day.


Grape types
Moscato bianco di Canelli.

After a soft squeezing, the must is conserved into pressured  steel vats at 3°C. The alcoholic fermentation lasts about one month and allow the bubbles to reach the surface, the alcoholic content reaches 5.5%.

After the bottling, to maintain the fullness of colour and aromas, the bottles are conserved one month at controlled room temperature.

Main features
Straw yellow colour; intense scent with sage and honey notes; the taste presents a right melted drop.

Traditional Italian cakes and seasoned cheeses.

Service temperature
6° C (43° F)

About… Moscato.

Moscato is an aromatic wine recognised with the AOC denomination and it is produced in 52 municipalities spread around the provinces of Alesandria, Asti and Cuneo. It can be tasted still or sparkling and its alcohol content is included between 4.5 and 6.5%. Its particular sweetness is due to a partial fermentation of the sugar contained in the grapes.

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