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The Tre Secoli Winery, was born from the union of two large Piedmontese wine cooperatives: the Social Winery of Mombaruzzo (established in 1887 as the first association in Piedmont) and the Cantina Sociale di Ricaldone (with 60 years of history behind it). Thanks to this structure, the winery is credited as the largest producer of prestigious and important wines for the Italian wine scene such as Moscato d’Asti, Brachetto d’Acqui and Barbera d’Asti, all with a controlled designation of origin and guaranteed (DOCG) the highest and strictest indication of Italian origin.


Grape types

It is carried out in steel vats at controlled temperature.

It is carried out in barriques for 24 months.

Intense ruby red; the scent is elegant and austere, with notes of prunes and cherries and some spicy undergrowth echoes and fine notes of vanilla; the taste is dense and juicy. The structure is optimum, the acidity is fresh; it is warms in the mouth with delicate and sweet tannic notes.

Game, roasted meats and seasoned cheeses.

Service temperature
16°C (61° F)

About… Nizza.

After the 2014 harvest, the denomination Nizza was born, raising the Barbera sub-area under its own name. The possibility of adding the “reserve” type and the word “vineyard” is also introduced. The use of the geographical name, instead of the grape, concentrates tradition, culture and territory in a short name. The production area of Nizza is limited by a disciplinary with very strict constraints on the cultivation and oenological level, but the producers of Nizza have adopted an even more severe self-regulation code, so that the wines presented with the name Barbera d ‘ Asti Superiore Nizza are of the highest quality standard.

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