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Andrea Ferrucci’s cuisine proposes recipes in constant evolution: a mix of creativity, tradition and innovation, with a pinch of experimentation.

In the central square of Montà d’Alba (in the heart of Roero), at the first floor of an former sawmill, there is the Michelin Restaurant, which is part of the “Roero Expo di Montà” complex, which includes the “Casa Americani” Hotel and the “Artè” Bistrot.

The Chef

Andrea Ferrucci is the chef, he is 39 years old and he is coming from Puglia. When he was only 15 years old, during the holidays, he discovered his passion for food and he started to work in many different restaurants and pizzerias. Then, after three years working in a confectionery in Bologna, he started to work with international chefs: Pietro Leeman (Joia Restaurant), Gualtiero Marchesi (Albereta), Enrico Crippa (Piazza Duomo), Cracco, Berton (Trussardi alla Scala) and Damiano Nigro, along with  he worked together to obtain the prestigious Michelin Star in 2010 at Relais Villa d’Amelia.

Andrea Ferrucci’s cuisine is based on creativity: it is a mix of flavours and pairings that amaze everyone. Starting from the typical and local products, the chef interprets the recipes in a very particular way, creating new food experiences, thanks to his great wisdom, acquired all over Italy. His masterpiece is the “Garlic and Vanilla” rice.

Vegetables are a fundamental part of his creations, he cooks them with new techniques, playing with textures to create dishes with a unique flavour.

Not far from the restaurant, in fact, there is a small vegetable garden, where most of the vegetables are collected, always fresh and according to the season. Vegetables, salads and aromatic herbs are the strengths of Marcelin’s cuisine.

“The dishes reflect my person and are balanced to make all the flavours be heard. My kitchen is a mix of distinct tastes that, when combined together, convey lightness and cleanliness. In my dishes I want to represent Italy, from North to South to create a summary of the Italian cuisine through a contemporary twist full of creativity, tradition and innovation”.

At the Marcelin restaurant, in addition to the traditional menu, you can choose from various tasting possibilities: “Contaminazione del territorio” (the classical), “Abbina-menti” (gourmet and creative), “Forme vegetali” (vegetarian) and the  “Menu Tartufo” which is available only from September to December.

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Ristorante Marcelin

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